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Performance management, and how to achieve as much productivity within a designated time frame is one of the most pressing issues for most businesses and organisatons, whatever your sector of operation or industry. Performance management courses are designed to have a definitive impact on the productivity outputs of your organisation. For managers and leaders they are an excellent way of devising solutions to your time pressure problems and for employees, they are a great way to hone your productivity skills in terms of delivering on specific projects and tasks. Time pressure is something that is relevant to everybody in the workplace, no matter what your position within the structure of the organisation. Performance management courses can deliver in terms of appreciating time as a valuable resource to be proactively and diligently managed and organised in order to achieve more successful personal and business objectives.

What Does a Performance Management Course Involve?

In order to ensure that you will get the maximum benefit from performance management training, you will need to collate your understanding of where your current time pressures are and what factors are leading to time management problems. The training will allows you to develop simple and small changes that will really benefit in the management of performance. Its always of benefit to students when they realise that they are not the only people dealing with a particular problem and it’s engaging and rewarding for course participants to develop a framework that will be of mutual benefit. The interactive nature of the course keep participants energised and focused, and it is delivered with enthusiasm and expertise.

Course contents includes:

  • Understanding the psychological principles behind performance management
  • What are the realities, and the myths, surrounding planning
  • Key principles of time management and performance management processes
  • How to identify different categories of time usage and their effects
  • How to control, schedule and correctly prioritise tasks
  • How to transform tasks and analyse situations as they develop
  • Identifying and remedying challenges and ‘blockers’ in terms of time management
  • How to delegate effectively and make sure you are delegating to the right people
  • How to set goals that are ambitious and will lead to change but that are also manageable and will not create further time pressures as a result.
  • How to clarify and document ways that you can save time and create efficiencies
  • Learn how to identify tasks that may not actually be necessary and are wasting an inordinate amount of time as a result.

What you will learn

With the right performance management skills, you will be in a position to own your own time to a far greater degree and work much more effectively with it. For those in management positions, good procedures and protocols allow you to take control of your time and finally get some cohesive control on that ever-extending ‘to-do’ list. With performance management training you qill become immersed in the core skills of productive time management and then prioritise, schedule and focus your criteria and priorities. Some people are naturally better at performance management skills then others, so make sure you focus on techniques which are best suited to you. As a result, you can then lead in a much more effective manner.

Why it delivers

Those who achieve a lot in general manage their performance, as well as their team’s performance particularly well. By using the established performance management techniques that you will learn, you can increase productivity and learn the key business between being busy and being effective, which are not the same thing. A schedule that works will lead to less stress, a more relaxed and engaged workplace and will provide you with greater opportunities as a result. Missed deadlines, inefficient work flows and other performance-related issues can also affect your organisation’s reputation as a result so learning about time management techniques can also have a significant positive impact in this regard. Search a number of related courses online now at


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