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Good leadership skills & development training is not just about having people reporting to you, it is about managing them effectively, inspiring them to work better and ensuring they do so in a happy and safe environment. There are few topics more current then leadership, what it is, how it is defined and what ‘good’ leadership actually looks like. A Team Leadership programme is designed to help you identify and develop strong leadership traits and then inculcate them into your organisation to best effect. Leadership is not just part of a hierarchy, it has tactical and strategic purposes. As a manager, you are expected to have a strategic impact on the growth and development of the business. You do this most effectively by effective day to day leadership, ensuring that employees are working correctly and effectively to deliver the best service they can.

What Does a Leadership Skills & Development Course Involve?

Leadership Skills & Development programmes are designed to have an impact quickly on your business. You will learn how to develop your leadership skills to have a strategic impact on the business and how you can coach better performances from those on your team. Setting ambitious but achievable goals is at the core of leadership skills & development, so you need to establish a goal focused mentality within the team and define how to communicate effectively within the team. leadership courses will help you define your concepts and how they can be applied to a ‘can-do’ series of goals. You will also learn to harness the different skill sets within your team, and how you can make difficult personalities work as part of a team.

Course Content Includes:

  • Learning the essence of leadership and what essential team leadership skills are
  • How to set and achieve goals which are ambitious but achievable
  • How to inspire a team and ensure you are getting the best efforts
  • Communicating with greater clarity and purpose for the benefit of the team
  • How to plan, prioritise and delegate effectively and fairly
  • How to boost team morale in difficult circumstances and how to reward excellence
  • Identifying difficult personalities and how to manage them and ensure they contribute while not affecting team performance
  • How to properly deal with disciplinary issues
  • How to develop assurance, clarity of thought and a sense of purpose to your work.

What You Will Learn

On a leadership skills & development programme, you will develop strong critical thinking skills which will enable you to best develop your leadership skills. A good team leader will look at any problems from a perspective which analyses if there is a way that things could be done better, that would produce better results. Through group and teamwork exercise you will learn about team and personality dynamics and how you can harness the best from different personalities. You will also learn how to communicate in a factual and objective fashion, as opposed to letting emotion dictate the tone of the conversation. Empathy and emotional intelligence is vitally important though, so you will learn how to prepare messages and delivery in advance, particularly if there is a difficult message to communicate. Team leadership is primarily about results, and all results are shaped by performance. You will learn when to compromise and when not to and how to identify reasons as opposed to excuses.

Why it Delivers

A team that does not have leadership is not a team, and quickly becomes an amorphous collection of employees without a clearly defined set of objectives. A good team leader will drive a dedicated group of engaged workers towards ambitious targets for the business and ensure that they are sufficiently inspired to do so. A Leadership Skills & Development course is generally designed with ‘real world’ applications firmly in mind, as opposed to vague concepts and buzz words are difficult to apply to the challenges that your business faces. Get in touch to find out more about how leadership skills & development training would benefit you, search


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