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Great individual contributors don’t necessarily make the best managers but individuals who are self- spoken aren’t always the greatest leaders. If two managers are equally good with their skill set but only one is a team player, the one with team recognition will obviously be favored the most. Employers do not only want professional expertise in their employees, they also looking for other qualities. Character traits for building rapport with customers and co-workers is also highly important. Interpersonal and communication skills help leaders to direct teams effectively. As any successful manager will tell you, having these skills will prove a great advantage for career progression.

What is team leadership?

Team leadership is the management of a group of people working towards a common goal. A leader is an individual who can effectively inspire, direct, correct, advise, monitor and contribute to the personal and professional development of their team.

A leader knows how to interact effectively with customers, subordinates, co-workers and supervisors within the organization, as well as performing all their regular duties with absolute confidence. This can be at any level, from a floor supervisor, to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

What will a Team Leadership course entail?

Team success is highly dependent on leadership, so making sure you learn all the appropriate aspects of the job is extremely important. On a course, you will;

  • Learn how to build positive relationships with customers
    o While most workers have curated excellent customer service skills working in a front- line position, learning to handle the increased responsibility that comes with leadership, and how it fundamentally alters the nature of customer service is extremely important. Not only do customers rely on great service, but your team will need to feel supported in the face of complaints. This balancing act can sometimes be difficult, so learning to tackle it before it becomes a problem is vital.
  • Learning effective recruitment skills
    o Hiring is not a simple task. Finding the right person is not the same as the best CV, or even the best interview. Learn how to sort out the wheat from the chaff and make the best hiring decisions for your business.
  • Learn how to manage your self-goals
    o Managing yourself is just as important as managing your team. Learn to handle your own development and goals as well as driving productivity forwards.
  • Motivational skills
    o A manager could not be a manager without a strong team behind them. Learn to motivate, guide and develop your team into the best it can be, by learning how to get the best out of every member
    o Conflict resolution is also an important part of management and learning how to deal with any difference that might arise between team members, and how to mediate, is a vital skill for your professional development.

What are the benefits of completing a course?

Once you have completely finished your training, you will have gained the requisite skill set to lead a team successfully. Qualifications in subjects like team leadership can often make the difference when looking for a promotion, or when you would like to get into a management position for the first time. It is also a strong addition to any CV in any industry.

We understand that you live a busy lifestyle, and that finding the time can be difficult when it comes to fitting around a strong work-life imbalance. However, taking the time to gain real leadership training, and show potential employers the ability you have always known that you have can reap real benefits.

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