Why take a course in Customer Service

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Customers are at the heart of everything, whatever sector your business is in. Customers aren’t an automatic right for a business, they constantly need to be nurtured, increased and retained. Like people’s habits of consumption, purchase and usage, Customer Service trends continue to evolve and modify in line with market trends. That’s why a focus on your client needs to be at the heart of your business, and that’s why the right training is a vital part of that. By booking on to a course, or with a bespoke customer service training package through  CorporateTraining.ie you can focus on your business, and what it needs from its customers.

What do customer service courses involve

Customer service is essentially how your business connects with its customers, how it solves problems for them and how it shows that it is a business that cares about them. Good customer service, just like poor customer service, resonates deeply with consumers. That’s why training your personnel, or honing your own skills in this area, is so important. There is no point in investing in training for your sales and marketing personnel if you neglect the customer element. By finding the right training programme, you will gain a complete understanding of how great service can benefit your business, when different types of techniques or interactions might be necessary and how you can deal with difficult customers, stressful situations and more.

Course content includes:

  • The essentials of customer service training and what it actually is
  • Why training is important and how has it evolved over the years
  • Different types of customer service in different sectors
  • Customer habits and how they affect your business
  • How to integrate quality service into your sales and marketing stories
  • How to deal with staff mistakes
  • How to capitalise on your businesses success stories
  • How to deal with difficult customers and stressful situations
  • What sort of people are best suited to customer-facing roles and how should you train them
  • Why having the correct ethos is vital for your business

What you will learn

Remarkably, some firms consider customer service as an afterthought, something to deploy when something goes wrong. This is despite the fact that 89% of businesses (Source: Gartner survey) actually compete directly with other firms through the level of care that they are able to deliver to their clients. Training in this area provides you with the skills needed for customer service and interaction. This is a process that involves developing personal relations, emotional intelligence and understanding what the customer is thinking. You will learn different service behaviours, their links to brand image and brand awareness and how a good experience can lead to customer recommending your business to others and how to build on that. Of course, you will also learn the tougher side of customer service, such as dealing with unreasonable demands and difficult customers and how you can work to preserve the business relationship even during difficult times. There is also a personal wellbeing issue, so you will learn various coping mechanisms that can help you in stressful situations.

Why it delivers

A happy customer base is the most effective marketing team you will ever have. You don’t have to pay them, you just need to take care of them and they will take care of you through loyalty, recommendations and continued engagement. Through customer service soft skills, which you will learn on our programme and can then promote throughout your organisation, you can learn how to put yourself in a customer’s shoes and as a result devise a strategy based on positive outcomes. Clarity is key as well, in terms of how you communicate with customers, whether that be through the phone, email or in person. Clarity brings engagement with customers and our training programme will show you how to build a customer relationship that turns satisfied customers into a marketing weapon that actively promote your business or service to the wider consumer base. This is a sector that is constantly changing and growing, and there is a lot to take in so a course in this field will show you how to implement a review process and a refresher process for your customer service programme and will also provide you with relevant supporting materials which will assist in in-house training and upskilling initiatives in this area.


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