Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Training Courses

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Being able to work in a frame of mind that is confident, and constructively assertive, is a massive asset for your career. In truth, building self-confidence and assertiveness is probably a lot easier than you think in concept, however people who are not naturally assertive commonly do not wish to become assertive, but training in this area can help build up resilience, improve business performance and enhance decision making. This is where a programme in assertiveness and self-confidence can really  take your career to the next level.

In terms of doing a training programme in this field, this translates for many into helping them become more able to resist the pressure and dominance of excessively dominant people. It will also help them exert a little more control in situations that are important to them.

For anyone seeking to increase their own assertiveness it is helpful to understand the typical personality and motivation of excessively dominant people, who incidentally cause the most worry to non-assertive people. We all meet people like this during the course of our work, so learning how to deal with them can improve your own performance in these situations.

What are Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Training Courses?

These courses will help the non-assertive person understand where they really are, in terms of their assertiveness. Non-assertive behaviour is a sign of strength, not weakness, and often it is the most appropriate behaviour for most situations – so training can help you realise this as a strength, not a weakness. Training will help you understand where you want to be and what level of assertiveness do you want?

Course Content Includes

For people who are not naturally assertive, training can help achieve a perfectly suitable level of assertiveness through certain simple methods and techniques, rather than trying to adopt a generally more assertive personal style . People seeking to be more assertive can dramatically increase their effective influence and strength by using some predetermined behaviours prior to, or when confronted by a more dominant character or influence, or prior to and when dealing with a situation in which they would like to exert more control. Some of the concepts covered in training include

  • How to ascertain the facts relating to the situation and make sure you have details to hand when a confrontational situation arises.
  • How to be ready for and anticipate other people’s behaviour and prepare your responses.
  • Preparing and using particular questions in difficult or confrontational situations.
  • How to develop practice your own new reactions to aggression.
  • How to display positivity in difficult situations and spread positivity amongst those who may also be affected by the situation.
  • Developing confidence in your own abilities and personality.
  • How to feel empathy and sympathy for bullies – and how to reach out and help them modify their behaviour.
  • Gain a knowledge of laws and statutory regulations to prevent any form of bullying or abuse in the workplace.
  • How to identify who is particularly vulnerable and how to assist and protect them.

What you Will Learn

Training will help you anticipate other people’s behaviour and prepare your own responses. Through role-play and group work you will learn different scenarios and how you can effectively respond. You can then your responses according to the different scenarios that you think could unfold, and how you can gain the support of other people to support and defend you. Being well prepared will increase your self-confidence and enable you to be assertive about what’s important to you. Non-assertive people have different styles and methods compared to dominant, aggressive people and bullies. Non-assertive people are often extremely strong in areas of process, detail, dependability, reliability, finishing things (that others have started), checking, monitoring, communicating, interpreting and understanding, and working cooperatively with others. These capabilities all have the potential to undo the arguments of people who have no proper justification for what they are asking. Through training you can find  out what your strengths and style are and use them to defend and support your position.

Why it Delivers

Training will provide you with several tactics to tackle bullying or over-assertiveness head-on. However, in addition to the training, you will learn of the statutory regulations that exist to protect people from overly aggressive situations or bullying within the workplace. By promoting your knowledge of these workplace laws, you can effectively promote a lack of tolerance for any behaviour that transgresses what people should expect in a safe, productive and respectful working environment.


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