Why take a course in Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma is an effective combination of tools and strategies that are designed to improve business efficiencies and workflows. Search Corporatetraining.ie for traditional or bespoke Six Sigma training programmes in which you will learn the structure and benefits of Six Sigma and how to implement meaningful and impactful processes that will improve the functionality and productivity of your business.

What does a Lean Six Sigma course involve?

The Six Sigma approach is designed to improve the quality of your organisations processes by identifying and improving on inefficiencies, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. The Six Sigma approach applies particularly to network infrastructures, enterprise software planning and usage, e-commerce interfaces and software applications in general. The methodology of Six Sigma is useful for a range of organisations and business types, from logistics and retail to IT and manufacturing. Our Six-Sigma training programme develops participants into elite level problem solvers, giving them the hard and soft skills they need to implement ambitious and complex strategic objectives in organisations of any size.

Course content includes

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Origins of Six Sigma and its guiding principles
  • The importance of lean methodologies in modern business and industry
  • Tools of Six Sigma and how to use them
  • The statistical objectives of Six Sigma
  • How to apply Six Sigma
  • The statistical objectives of Six Sigma
  • The methodologies of Six Sigma
  • Results of Six Sigma and how to determine outcomes

What will you learn

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful toolset for any business, with a flexible methodology that allows it to be applied to almost any business or industry. By undertaking Six Sigma training programmes, you will learn skills that will allows you to become a key stakeholder in leading and implementing Lean Six Sigma projects within your organisation. Using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) protocol you will be able to describe how to identify and improvement project in the define phase and how to measure the Six Sigma process and product in the measure phase. You will also be able to perform data analysis and test solutions, identifying possible improvements or variations to the process to generate improvements. Professionals who gain an understanding of Six Sigma processes and principles gain a deep understanding of the fundamental methodologies of the process and are able to implement high quality processes on the job as a result. Lean Six Sigma training is of benefit to anybody at any level within an organisation but most commonly it is used by mid to high level project managers, manufacturing engineers, process engineers and consultants. Lean Six Sigma courses are designed to make a dramatic to your business, enhancing your managerial effectiveness and quality

Why it delivers

With Lean Six Sigma skills, you will find that you are in much higher demand, with companies constantly seeking personnel that are capable of driving business solutions in a problem solving manner. Six Sigma skills filter down through the business too, encouraging employees to take on quality projects. As organisations seek continuous improvement and development, they are seeking professionals that can apply Six Sigma to significantly enhance internal processes. Six Sigma can be used to take the lead in ambitious management projects, interpreting data strategically and statistically, using data mapping, benchmarking and risk management. These training programme will provide you with the skills you need for continual business improvement methodologies and development programmes. You can learn the full spectrum of Lean Six Sigma skills including; Six Sigma Champion, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Lean Expert in Cost Reduction, Certified Lean Master Programme and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.



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