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Institute of Public Administration

01 668 9135
57-61 Lansdowne Road,, Ballsbridge, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland. Eircode: D04 TC62

Institute of Public Administration – one of Ireland s most eminent higher learning institutions – specialises in part-time courses in public administration, public management and general management and offers a range of programmes from short training courses and organisational development interventions to accredited Certificate, Diploma and Degrees. Whether you are looking for a short skills development course or a longer term accredited programme, the IPA can meet your development needs. The Institute of Public Administration is Ireland’s only public service development agency focused exclusively on public sector development. It delivers its service through:
– education and training, building people s capability to meet challenges
– direct consultancy, solving problems and helping plan and shape the future
– research and publishing – understanding what needs to be done and making these findings readily available.

We tailor our services and courses to the particular needs of the public service however our services are also delivered to the private sector. Our blend of skill and experience means that we can develop and offer a service which meets public service needs precisely and effectively. Whilst our services are delivered mainly to clients in the Irish Public Service, we have a strong reputation and demand for our services internationally also.

The Institute is a recognised college of University College Dublin and also offers a range of professional qualifications including CIPD, CIPFA, Mediators Institute of Ireland, PRINCE2, CompTIA, Microsoft, EC-Council and (ISC)2.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

A robust system of recording transactions is the means by which we can ensure that all financial data is captured and that the final accounts can be relied upon and fully reflect all that has happened in any organisation. Double entry bookkeeping is a widely used system of recording transactions and provides the basis for…

Managing Performance and Appraisal

Performance management is a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance. As such, it establishes a shared understanding about what is to be achieved and an approach to leading and developing people which will ensure that it is achieved.

Audit Committee Member Training

The expectations and obligations on audit committees continue to evolve in response to governance developments and the need for Boards and governing bodies to demonstrate that they are adhering to relevant audit, assurance and risk management requirements. The Audit committee charter will set out the duties of the Committee in areas such as internal control,…

Certificate in Audit Skills

The aim of the Certificate in Audit Skills (CAS) is to develop the skills and knowledge of public sector internal auditors in order to carry out effective audits and make a greater contribution to the governance of their organisations. The Certificate is an issues-based course focused on skills enhancement to meet the ever-changing needs of…

Financial Statements for Audit Committees

Audit committees and the internal audit function, are present today in all areas of the public sector. Generally the purpose of an audit committee is to review an organisations corporate governance, internal control environment, risk management and financial statements and provide support to and monitor the work of the internal auditors. This workshop focuses on…

Introduction to Internal Audit

The Introduction to Internal Audit is a four-day programme, delivered over two modules. The course explores the role of the Internal Auditor, the audit process and the relationship of the internal auditor with management, the audit committee and external audit. The course is very participative with a high emphasis on the theoretical and practical aspects…

Performance Budgeting for the Public Sector

Performance Budgeting is a technique which aims to link Government funding with efficiencies delivered. It has been a key element of many programmes of reform and it is a technique which is currently in use in many other jurisdictions. It is seen as being as much a part of organisational strategy as it is a…

Dignity at Work, Bullying and Harassment Awareness

Bullying and harassment take many forms and the effects are wide reaching. In addition to the possibility of costly legal actions, it causes stress and anxiety to those involved, increases absenteeism, lowers levels of performance and can significantly undermine organisational, team and employee morale. This half day programme will equip those with responsibility for staff…

Diversity, Equality and Intercultural Communication

In an increasingly multicultural environment diversity is now recognised as a key element of the workplace. Interacting with others of differing cultural backgrounds can present significant challenges. This may be as frontline staff dealing directly with the public as service users or as managers in collaborating with staff and colleagues and in the development of…

Certified Mediation Training Programme (MII Accredited)

The CIPD Foundation Level Certificate in Human Resources Practice is designed for those who want specialist Human Resource Management (HRM) knowledge combined with practical skills development. Successful completion of the programme will give participants an IPA Certificate in Human Resource Management Practice and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Foundation Level Certificate in…

Introduction to Mediation

Organisations are recognising that unresolved disputes and inappropriately managed workplace conflict impacts upon workplace effectiveness and places an on-going drain on organisational resources. Not uncommonly, cases referred to third parties for resolution do not produce satisfactory outcomes for the parties involved. There is a growing awareness that Mediation, as an alternative mechanism for dispute resolution,…

Mediation Refresher / Skills Training Day

This Mediation Skills Refresher Training Day is aimed at those who have already completed the 60 hour Certified Mediation Training Programme (as approved by the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII)) and are planning to undertake assessment in order to qualify at Certified Member level of the MII. The main emphasis of the day will be…

Employment Law Update (Half Day)

This one-day workshop aims to outline the principles of employment law and the limits placed on professionals working in the area of people management. A core aim of the workshop is to examine specific instances where legal obligations arise with an emphasis on how HRM Professionals and Line Managers with significant people management responsibilities can…

Certificate in Public Procurement

The Certificate in Public Procurement is a comprehensive introduction to public procurement and focuses on best practice procurement in the public sector and the achievement of value for money within the context of Irish and European Union legislation. The course provides comprehensive detail on all aspects of the procurement process to professionals seeking to enhance…

Diploma in Health Economics

This part-time programme – the first course of its kind in Ireland – examines the economics of healthcare provision. There is a palpable need among those interested in healthcare in Ireland to understand the economic rationale behind the allocation of resources in this vital sector. To meet this need, the Diploma explores the fundamentals of…

Diploma in Public Procurement

The Diploma in Public Procurement is an advanced programme which caters for the needs of decision makers by equipping them with the skills to design and implement strategic initiatives ensuring they position and resource their procurement activity appropriately.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Finance for Non-Financial Managers is intended to provide an overview of the main aspects of finance confronting an increasing number of individuals in public service organisations. Devolved financial management responsibilities have led to a redefinition of many roles and the establishment of many budget holders. This has led to an increased need for people with…

Certificate in Finance

The aim of the Certificate in Finance is to introduce the basic principles of finance and provide a solid grounding across the discipline. The course will incorporate the financial reporting function, which deals with recording transactions and making payments, through management accounting, which derives costs, develops budgets and reports on differences between actual expenditure and…

Diploma in Finance

The aim of the Diploma in Finance is to extend and deepen the understanding gained at the Certificate in Finance level. This will involve a more in-depth treatment of the key topic areas in finance and their applicability in practice.

Corporate Governance Requirements for Public Sector Bodies

Public bodies and many other organisations in receipt of public support must insure that their standards of corporate governance are of a high standard and that they are in compliance with specified corporate governance codes. This course will give insights into the principles on which codes are based, provide an overview of the key issues…

Professional Certificate in Governance

The Professional Certificate in Governance is a one-year part-time programme that addresses a key area of concern to professionals in the public and private sectors. Governance is a subject used in several contexts and is a subject of much debate in Ireland and elsewhere. This programme examines governance as a set of structures and processes…

Understanding the Financial Reports of Government Agencies

Published accounts are the backbone of the accountability and reporting system used in the public, semi-state and private sectors. The information contained in these reports is critical for those charged with the responsibility of monitoring agency performance. However, this information is only useful where it can be interpreted accurately and in the correct context.

Diploma in Healthcare Management

The Diploma in Healthcare Management equips students with the appropriate knowledge and personal skills to enable them to contribute effectively to the management of health services and the planning and attainment of goals and objectives

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) - Healthcare Management

This part-time programme explores public management in its various dimensions, focusing on issues that affect health and hospital services. The provision and cost of healthcare are always topical issues, and students will consider key subjects within healthcare management alongside subjects of general import to all parts of the wider public service, including law, economics, and…

Certificate in Health Services

The Certificate in Health Services offers students a comprehensive overview of the Irish Health Service, health and related legislation and the current service issues affecting the key programmes and care groups. Students can expect to obtain up to date knowledge and a practical understanding of the Health Service, at national and local levels, which will…

Diploma in Health Services Policy

The Diploma in Health Services Policy has been designed as a development of, and a follow-up to, the Certificate in Health Services. Students must have successfully completed the Certificate programme before gaining entry onto this Diploma. The Diploma is designed to amplify and build on the foundation coverage of health services and policy provided in…

Superannuation for the Health Sector

Superannuation for the Health Sector is ideally directed towards individuals who have at least some familiarity with Superannuation and will place the system in context for those who have worked in the area for six months or more. Participants are encouraged to bring Superannuation problems encountered in their own workplace to the course.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) - Human Resource Management

This part-time programme explores the subjects essential to effective human resource management. Alongside such important topics as performance management, employee relations and leadership theories, students address the fundamentals of employment law and the management of organisational change. They also take subjects of general import to all parts of the wider public service, including economics and…

Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) - Human Resource Management

This part-time programme provides the knowledge and skills essential to modern business, focusing on human resource management. Alongside such important topics as performance appraisal, employee relations and leadership theories, students also address the fundamentals of employment law and the management of organisational change. They also study subjects of general import to modern business life, including…

Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) - Human Resource Management

This part-time programme provides the knowledge and skills essential to modern business, focusing on human resource management. Alongside such important topics as performance appraisal, employee relations and leadership theories, students also address the fundamentals of employment law and the management of organisational change. They also study subjects of general import to modern business life, including…

CIPD Foundation Certificate in Human Resource Practice

The CIPD Foundation Level Diploma in HR Practice is designed for those who have already graduated or will graduate from the CIPD Foundation Level Certificate in HR Practice Programme. We are now offering participants on the IPAs current foundation Certificate programme an opportunity to book their place on the Diploma Units commencing in September 2016.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

This part-time Diploma explains how organisations effectively manage people. It does so by examining the aims of the HRM function and by detailing its key features. It is suitable for those who have no prior knowledge of HRM but want to understand the principles, law, and practices that determine the management of staff in the…

HRM Training for Line Managers

Line managers are central to ensuring that recommendations set out in the Report of the Task Force on the Public Service Transforming Public Services – are achieved within organisations. Their knowledge and skills in relation to people management significantly impact on the organisations culture, day-to-day operations, staff performance and employee engagement. In view of the…

Introduction to Human Resource Management

This introductory Human Resource Management course, run over two modules, is of particular interest to staff that have recently been appointed to either a human resource role or department. The course has been designed to incorporate current best practice and recent developments in employment legislation. It will be delivered over two modules (one x two…

Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) - Information Systems Management

This part-time programme provides the knowledge and skills essential to modern business, focusing on the effective management of information systems. Students are taught, among other things, how information systems work, strategic considerations in information systems planning, and the human role in designing and implementing those systems. They also study subjects of general import to modern…

CompTIA A+

The course is ideal for anyone new to IT and/or anyone who wants to start a career in IT as the CompTIA A+ certification is required by many organisations for entry level IT support roles. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in core IT areas that will help increase their career prospects in a competitive IT…

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

The CompTIA Avanced Security Practitioner course certifies critical thinking and provides solution focused training to professionals working within an increasingly complex and challenging security environment.

CompTIA Security+

This course is designed for IT staff responsible for maintaining a secure network environment and is seen as an essential building block for a career in IT Security Management.

Interview Preparation Workshop for Candidates

This half-day workshop is suitable for staff at all levels of the organisation who are eager to improve their interview techniques. The programme focuses on practical interview preparation, skills development and answering styles.

Interview Preparation Workshop for Interview Board Members

Compentency Based Interviewer Skills Development is widely recognised as a key skills development programme for staff who will be involved in interviewing on behalf of their organisations. This interviewing may be for external recruitment or increasingly, to assess current employees suitability for promotion. The content of this workshop is continuously reviewed and updated in the…

The Leadership Challenge for Senior Public Servants

The programme was first launched in 2005 by the Institute of Public Administration. Over three hundred senior public servants drawn from central and local government, state agencies and the health sector, have attended the programme to date.

Leadership in Local Government

In times of challenge and change, organisations need strong leadership. Public service transformation is now a priority issue and local authorities are set to play a key role in this transformation. Local authorities are also critical to the development of infrastructure, to stimulating economic activity and to supporting local communities.

Freedom of Information for Decision Makers

Freedom of Information (FOI) for Decision Makers is an intensive one-day course for people charged with making decisions in relation to applications for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2014, which was enacted on 14 October 2014. Reference will also be made where appropriate to the repealed FOI legislation (1997 and 2003) and to…

Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) - Marketing

This part-time programme provides the knowledge and skills essential to modern business, focusing on marketing concepts and practices. Students receive instruction in the key areas of the marketing function, including information analysis, communications, and marketing strategy. They also study subjects of general import to modern business life, including financial management, business policy, and project management.

Diploma in Marketing

This part-time Diploma explains and analyses the components of effective marketing. It does so by exploring the basic principles and techniques that contemporary marketers are expected to understand and apply. Suitable for those with no prior knowledge of this subject, it will consider both the position of the marketing function in modern organisations and the…

Microsoft Technology Associate - Network Fundamentals

MTA provides a great base for anyone who wants to start a career in IT. The course will enable participants to gain a solid foundation in computer networking and is designed for individuals who seek an introduction to networking prior to attending more advanced networking courses.

Microsoft Technology Associate - Security Fundamentals

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is Microsoft’s newest suite of technology certification exams that validate fundamental knowledge needed to begin building a career using Microsoft technologies.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a rigorous business process that drives strategy execution and improves business results. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) describes workforce planning as having the people resources in place to deliver short and long-term objectives.

Introduction to Corporate Governance and Risk Management for State and Public Sector Bodies

The words Corporate Governance have become very commonplace in the public sector. They refer to how organisations are managed and governed. In particular there is a Department of Finance Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies which has a major influence on the governance of the state agencies. Also the Code and the…

Risk Management, Assurance and Internal Control Systems

Effective management of risk and control is recognised as a critical element of good governance arrangements in all organisations. It has implications for strategic and business planning, audit and assurance arrangements and the management and control of activities.

Certificate in Business Studies

This part-time programme explores the subjects essential to modern business practice. It seeks to give students a solid grounding in topics of lasting relevance to business life, enabling them to become competent in four key business functions. It has long proved an ideal choice for a diverse set of professional learners.

Legislative Training Programme for Local Authority Staff

The Legislative Training Programme was piloted in South Dublin County Council in 2008. Since 2008, the programme has been delivered in a number of local authorities including: Galway County Council, Kildare County Council, Kilkenny County Council, Louth County Council, Offaly County Council and Westmeath County Council.