Thousands in savings available to Irish businesses Through Retraining Over Redundancies

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Irish Businesses can save thousands of euro on redundancy payments and recruitment costs by upskilling ‘at risk’ staff in coding, rather than making them redundant. That’s according to Dublin 8 based Wild Code School Dublin, who launched their part-time classroom-based coding courses, which run over five months just last week.

Up to 46,000 jobs in Ireland are at Risk from Automation

A report by the National Skills Council recently warned that up to 46,000 jobs in Ireland are at risk from automation, while a recent study by McKinsey consultants estimates that 800 million people globally could be made redundant by technology by 2030.

With the cost of recruitment for Irish businesses spiralling in Ireland’s tightening labour market, Wild Code School Dublin is advocating the retraining of existing staff who are at risk of redundancy in coding, rather than paying thousands in redundancy packages and thousands more in recruitment of new coding staff. This effectively means retraining staff in skills to create the technology which would otherwise have rendered them unemployed.

Wild Code School

Speaking at the launch of the new part-time coding course, Campus Manager at Wild Code School Dublin, Marek Wystepek commented: “There is a huge opportunity for companies who are at risk of having to make staff redundant due to advances in technology. There are savings to be made by upskilling existing and loyal staff. Currently, the statutory minimum redundancy to be paid to an employee who has been working at a company for five years on a salary of €40,000 a year is just over €6,600. Add to that the thousands of euro that the recruitment of one employee costs a company and you begin to see the savings and efficiencies that can be made.

“We launched Wild Code School’s Dublin campus at the beginning of 2020 with our full-time coding course, but quickly saw the demand from large companies, as well as individuals, for a part-time option which allowed students to continue to work while also learning the skills we teach. Through our conversations with employers from various sectors including tech, finance and recruitment, we have designed the course with their needs in mind, to ensure we train job-ready graduates for employers and teach employable skills for students. We have considered employers needs in all aspects of the course, from the duration to the coding languages taught.

Responding to Industry Needs

“In discussion with companies, it was clear that the majority of entry-level roles are front-end developers and that React is the most in-demand coding language among large companies due to its ease of use and scalability so we have designed the course to focus predominantly on this language. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Airbnb all use React for their front-end development.

“We have designed this part-time course with companies and employees in mind, to suit the skills need of the current market and to offer a solution to companies faced with redundancies and skills shortages.”

Wild Code School Trainer Arnaud Dellinger commented: “The course doesn’t require any previous qualifications which makes it perfect for upskilling. Students come from a vast array of backgrounds. In our current class for example we have students coming from nursing and graphic design backgrounds. Our application process is rigorous and identifies students with a natural aptitude, and 90% of students are employed in tech roes within six months of completing the course.”

Find Out More

More information about the part-time courses and opportunities for companies is available here.

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