Irish Employees Ready to Switch Jobs and Seek Pay Rises

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Irish Employees Ready to Switch Jobs and Seek Pay Rises: A recent survey from PwC investigates the views of over 52,000 employees around the world including Ireland. The Hopes and Fears survey reveals a number of interesting points, in particular the fact that many Irish employees are confident of their abilities to improve their current employment situation.

PwC Ireland is the largest professional services firm in the country, providing integrated Audit, Tax and Advisory services to Irish and international business.

Irish Employees Ready to Switch Jobs and Seek Pay Rises

Switch to a new employer

56% of Irish employees say that they are likely to switch to a new employer in the next 12 months. This figure reflects both those likely to switch jobs within the same sector, and those looking to change careers entirely. There are a number of reasons for employees deciding to make that switch. Whether it be for better pay, better schedules, work conditions, location, choosing to work remotely or in some cases an opportunity to pursue a career in a new sector.

Ask for a raise

65% of Irish employees plan to ask for a raise going forward. Being positive and confident, many workers feel that they have performed consistently well, or have outgrown their role, or maybe have taken on tasks that are above their pay grade and are now set to ask to be compensated for their work. This urge to ask for a raise is also tied into the rising cost of living. 57% of those surveyed said that they are just about able to pay all of their bills every month with very little left over or are struggling to pay their bills

Finding fulfilment

While considering a raise to be a serious goal for many Irish workers, the survey reveals that finding fulfilment at work is also very important. 73%% of the Irish workforce expressed. Whether that be through being passionate about what you do or the impact you have on others, or building relationships, finding fulfilment and connecting work to a sense of meaning and purpose is a key factor among Irish workers.

Specialist skills

The survey found that employees with specialist skills feel more empowered. They are most likely to ask for promotions and pay raises and also feel more listened to by their manager than those lacking specialist skills.


A sizeable number of Irish employees expressed concerns that they are not getting relevant technical or digital skills needed for their career and believe that their employer is not investing in innovative technology

Positive impact

Many Irish workers expressed an interest in their employer’s impact on the environment and society. It is important for them that companies look beyond financial performance to having a positive impact in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) areas, according to the survey.

Gender Difference

A worrying result from the survey is that women were less likely than men to say they are fairly rewarded financially, but still less likely to ask for a raise. Women were also less likely to ask for a promotion, and feel that any such request will not be listened to by their manager.

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