How Your Diet Can Improve Your Work 

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It is obvious that nutrition plays an essential role in our everyday lives. According to the World Health Organisation, proper nutrition can boost brain performance by up to 20%. In order to grasp the importance of a balanced and healthy diet to concentration and work, you have to think of nutrition as medicine for the brain. When medicine is right, you become faster, and more agile. In other words, when you eat right, you can accelerate the overall performance of both your body and mind. Diet can improve your work.

Just like exercise and sleep, a great diet, too, can amplify your physical and mental functions. Performance-wise, consuming the right foods will directly boost your work efficiency, focus, and motivation.

In business, maintaining healthy nutrition can be crucial to preserve your work stamina, endurance, and even your problem-solving skills. 

So what are some of the foods and drinks your body and brain need?

The Superfoods 


The rich and versatile family of berries is considered one of the healthiest foods to eat. Filled with antioxidants, berries can improve your memory and motoric skills. As neuroscientist James A. Joseph says, berries help fight oxidative stress, reduce inflammatory processes, and prevent premature brain ageing. Whenever you need an extra surge of energy, have a handful of berries close to hand. 


One ripe banana contains the daily amount of glucose your brain needs. Typically, the brain works optimally with 25 grammes of glucose in your bloodstream, all of which can be consumed if you eat one banana per day. Aside from that, bananas are also rich in fibre and magnesium, both very important re-energising compounds.


Egg whites are a natural source of protein, which keeps your mind sharp and your body in high-function mode. Eggs also contain vitamin B and choline, which can significantly boost your memory and concentration.

Omega 3’s

Omega 3 acids are especially relevant to your logical thinking, recalling skills, and concentration. There are many great sources of Omega 3’s, such as nuts, seafood, and especially salmon, which also contains a generous dose of protein, iron, and B-vitamins.


Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate is not only tasty but also packed with antioxidants which boost your endorphins. In turn, the production of endorphins can enhance your agility, focus, and precision. Aside from dark chocolate, milk chocolate also serves its fair share of antioxidants which can improve your reaction time, attention span, verbal skills, and visual memory. 

Leafy Greens 

From lettuce to kale to spinach, leafy greens, and especially dark leafy greens should be a key element to your diet. Dark leafy greens are loaded with various minerals, including iron. Iron introduces oxygen to the body cells and therefore helps improve your cognitive abilities. 

Raw Carrots

Although not often mentioned as super-foods, carrots are a super-important vegetable that optimises your work performance. Rich in vitamin D, carrots also help balance your blood sugar levels, thus allowing your brain to work harder under pressure. 

Whole Grains

If you are looking for a healthy midday lunch idea, try whole grains. Whole grains, such as brown rice or oats are high in vitamins and magnesium, which strengthen your cognitive skills. 


Green Tea 

Green tea has a longstanding reputation as one of the healthiest drinks to have. Due to a richness of healthy caffeine, vitamins B, C, and E, green tea helps you release stress effectively. In addition, green tea boosts memory and energy levels, without the ‘twitchiness’ associated with caffeine.  


Incredible for your digestive system and brain, yoghurt has a host of unique bacterial cultures that your body needs. Just make sure you choose the natural option as opposed to the favoured versions, which will likely be loaded with sugar. Yoghurt is full of healthy fats, protein, a range of minerals and probiotics. 


Coffee, when taken moderately, can truly reboot the body and mind. Coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine which can fortify your memory, prevent eyelid spasm (handy, if you are working in front of your computer), and helps detoxify the brain. 


Not advisable to have wine at work, but having a (singular!) glass of red wine in the evening can definitely boost and reboot short-term memory and motor skills.


A warm cup of cocoa is a great source of antioxidants that help protect the brain cells against oxidative stress and loss of energy.

Nutrition Tips for a More Productive Life

  • Avoid all types of processed sugar, such as sweets, ketchup, soda, candy, and more. Sugar spikes are your energy’s worst enemy and can make you irritable and defocused. 
  • Steer clear of saturated fats. Foods loaded with calories like fast food and milkshakes will only slow you down and make you sleepy. 
  • Don’t eat too little. In fact, having breakfast is crucial in order to preserve your energy for the day. Skipping breakfast usually tires out the brain and body and will likely affect your memory. 
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Incorporating a healthy diet is important but it won’t be effective if you forget to drink enough water. 
  • Limit indulgences, such as smoking and having more than two drinks. A cigarette or a drink won’t do much for your focus, but a handful of almonds might. 
  • Don’t go for a massive lunch. You don’t want to lose your energy in the middle of the day, so overeating for lunch (even if it’s healthy!), can have a counter-effect. 
  • Prepare your meals at home. Even if you are too busy to organise your meals, you can always bring a box of fruits and veggies with you. 
  • Sleep well. Hydration, nutrition, and exercise would do nothing for you if you don’t maintain a healthy sleep cycle.  


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