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Finance for non-financial managers is an important course path to take. These courses are designed to help managers understand how the decisions they make will affect the financial performance of their organisation.

How Will I Benefit?

The course content of any of these courses is designed to help non-financial managers in demystifying the jargon of finance. They will enable them to better understand and utilise a range of different financial techniques. This will enable non-financial managers to improve their abilities as an overall manager. Non-financial managers will be able to look at the different financial reporting statements and financial measures, this ultimately will improve company performance. Participants will learn about different mechanisms of costing and financial methods such as budgeting to assist in planning and controlling performance. Over the duration of one of these courses, participants will be required to relate their studies to their own work context. A course in finance is designed to equip non-financial managers with all of the essential financial tools and knowledge they need to be an exemplary all-round manager. These courses are usually beneficial to all working professionals and managers from various non-financial backgrounds to give them the skills and confidence to make informed and objective financial decisions.

Why Engage In A Financial Course?

If you want to move up the career ladder from manager to leader, you will need to build a solid foundation in financial knowledge. You will need to do this to interpret figures and understand what lies behind them. Engaging in one of these courses will enable you to achieve a greater understanding of how finances influence your organisation’s strategy, structure, people and systems. These days everyone in business needs to have a decent level of financial literacy. Regardless of what aspect of the business you are in, having a solid grasp of the finance basics will help you to understand – and improve – the financial health of your organisation. A Finance for Non-financial Managers course will be designed for people with little or no financial training, but who want to learn more. They are aimed at people who want to gain an understanding of the numbers of their companies, and how to participate more fully in financial planning and decision making. These courses are usually practical, accessible and interactive. Participants will gain basic financial acumen. This will be achieved through case-studies and participants will leave the course with the tools to understand financial statements and engage with finance professionals.

Having fluency in finance is akin to being able to speak the native language of business.  Managers will not be in a position to have a complete understanding of their business if they do not understand the language of finance. Regardless of what role you have in your company, you will generally need some understanding of the numbers and of the financial concepts that make your business run.

Who Should Take One Of These Courses?

These courses are aimed at all managers and assistant managers who are not already in the financial sector of a company. The people who will benefit the most from one of these courses are:

  • Managers holding non-finance roles in the organisation but whose job description requires budgetary management and delivery of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Managers who want to gain a greater insight into how the accounting results are compiled but who do not need detailed training in finance.
  • Manager/Executives with a reporting remit to the Board.
    Other staff whose activities directly impact the revenue generation or cost incurrence of the organisation and who therefore need to understand the ramifications of their actions.

Learning Outcomes

Engaging in one of these courses will generally have the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the role that management accounting as an internal resource plays in the organisation and how it can be of greater service to internal customers (stakeholders)
  • Understand the purpose and interpretation of key management reports, P & L, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Gain greater understanding as to how KPI’s are compiled and therefore the dynamics underlying these.
  • Understanding forecasting and the reporting loop it engenders back into the management accounting process.

Course Outline

These courses can be varied, however, in general, most of the courses available in finance for non-financial managers will usually cover some if not all of the following topics:

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