Bord Bia Hosts COVID-19 Response Podcasts & Webinars

By Gemma Creagh - Last update

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As part of a client-focussed response to this crisis, Bord Bia is organising a series of podcasts and webinars for their clients to inform them of the latest developments and to help with strategies and tactics for surviving the COVID-19 crisis.

These webinars will be in two channels – regular information on supports available and insights from Bord Bia and deeper dives on particular topics of vital interest in the context of the crisis.

Bord Bia Hosts COVID-19 Response: 11 am series

Deep dives on specific topics of increased interest for clients – known as the ‘11 am series’. They have identified key areas of concern and focus for clients and will be delivering detailed webinars with outside expertise on these. The focus initially will be:

  1. Digital Marketing – how to drive online sales – register here
  2. Business continuity – register here
  3. Supply chain
  4. Buyer engagement

Digital marketing webinars will be delivered over three sessions at the following times and dates:

  1. How to sell online directly to consumers, including e-commerce fundamentals. This will be delivered by Bord Bia’s Think Digital team and an invited e-commerce expert. April 1st at 11 am.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation – how to drive traffic to your website/online shop. April 7th at 11 am
  3. Paid search – April 16th at 11 am

Business continuity will be delivered on Thursday, April 2nd at 11 am. The purpose of this webinar is to support food & drink manufacturers on Business Continuity issues during the COVID 19 crises, with a particular focus on Bord Bia’s supports, as well as other Government wide supports available.

The presentation shall cover: payroll supports, protection from creditors, finance supports and cash flow management. It will also address supply chain and logistics issues.

The webinar shall be presented by Padraig Brennan (Director of Sectors, Bord Bia), Brian McEnery (BDO- Corporate Finance Partner) and Carol Lynch (BDO- Trade).

Buyer engagement on Thursday the 9th of April at 11 am.

Supply chain with an expert from the UK Food and Drink Federation – Tuesday 21st April at 11 am.

Video Podcast series

Several video podcasts are already online and features a discussion with Bord Bia China Manager Conor O’Sullivan on the dynamics and trade realities in China, as the country emerges from COVID-19 lockdown.

The Wednesday, featured a discussion with James O’Donnell – Italy Country Manager will be published, and on Thursday the perspective from Spain and Portugal Country Manager Cecilia Ruiz. On Friday Sector Manager Karen Tyner will give the sectoral perspective.

All video podcasts will be available on the website. All webinars will be recorded and made available for clients to listen to in their own time.

All Bord Bia’s COVID response resources and registration links for future events can be found their dedicated site

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