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Irish Business Training Ltd.

Raheen Conference Centre, Raheen, Limerick, Ireland

Irish Business Training Ltd (IBT) design and deliver programmes which are fun and different providing tangible business results but are also carefully tailored to the needs of the individual participants and the organisation.

With over 20 years experience in the area of Training and Development Mary is a ‘hands on’ MD.  Proud of the achievements of IBT over the years Mary brings her own unique brand of passion, enthusiasm, humour and energy to the role. She really cares about results for the individual and the organisation for whom she is providing the service. Before engaging in training and development Mary ensures that she has an indepth knowledge and understanding of what is the desired outcome.

In her early career Mary trained and qualified as an Underwriter with an Internationally traded Reinsurance Company and worked in London, Paris and the U.S. while based at Shannon, Co Clare.  She studied at University of Limerick, Chartered Insurance Institute and Berlitz, London.

Our professionalism, experienced training consultants and practical training courses not to mention our competitive rates make Irish Business Training (IBT) impossible to beat. Try us and see! IBT facilitates both Public and Private sector organisations and provides human resource services to small and medium sized enterprises.

Performance Management Training and Appraisals

A good performance management and appraisals process enables leaders, teams and employees to carry out their work more effectively, thereby enhancing the performance and business results of a company as a whole. It is also a vital process in helping employees to feel valued and motivated. It is increasingly accepted that effective performance management is…

Effective Meeting Skills

The classic pun about meetings meaning minutes takenhours wasted is unfortunately far too often an accurate description of many meetings in todays world of work! Meetings are an essential part of every business but can become a major problem if they are not run effectively. This course will help you to make the most of…

Coaching and Mentoring

This coaching and mentoring training course focuses on the techniques by which managers develop and improve the performance of their team. On completion of this programme participants will have the practical knowledge to confidently and effectively implement a number of different coaching and mentoring models.

Conflict Management

Conflict naturally occurs in every workplace but it can have a toxic effect if it is not effectively handled. People with clashing personalities or competing agendas can lead to the festering of personal animosity. Having good conflict management techniques will lead to less stress and a healthier working environment. This course helps you to learn…

Customer Care

Paraphrasing the words of Henry Ford: It is the customer who pays the wages. Therefore the customer should be at the heart of every business decision and at the forefront of every workers thoughts. However, anyone who has ever dealt with the public on a daily basis knows that it is often not an easy…

Effective Communication Skills

Not much has changed since George Bernard Shaw stated that The problem with communication is the illusion that is has occurred! Being able to communicate effectively helps you to create a positive impact in your workplace. Poor communication skills at work, whether face-to-face or online, often lead to serious issues, for instance when people send…

Managing Workforce Diversity

The Irish workplace has undergone significant change in recent years, especially in terms of the multi-cultural diversity (e.g. religion, race or nationality) of the workforce. The issue of diversity presents a variety of opportunities and challenges which must be addressed (e.g. the legislative framework). Better understanding cultural diversity will help you to manage it effectively…

Effective Interviewing Skills

It is often said that a company is only as good as its employees and it is widely recognised that hiring the right people leads to success in business. Recruiting the wrong people can cost your company money, time and lost business. This training course will provide you with the skills required to interview and…

Effective Leadership Skills

As the old saying goes; A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves. Luckily, since not everyone is a born leader, leadership skills can be learned. This course explores the difference between managing and leading and develops your ability to inspire and…

Management Development / Managing People

People are the most valuable resource in every organisation and therefore the role of manager is vital. However, for managers in organizations today, overseeing the work-flow is not enough, instead managers needs to inspire and develop their staff, to deal with change, to handle tricky people, to control performance and to mentor their team. This…

Influencing and Negotiating Skills

Having the skills to effectively influence and negotiate professionally is extremely valuable in the workplace. Influencing, persuading and negotiation skills enable individuals to influence the behaviour of and to facilitate effective communication with their colleagues.

Presentation skills

Excellent presentation skills are invaluable in the contemporary world of work as presentations are an increasingly important medium of communication at all levels. A good presenting style will mean that your presentations are interesting, interactive and memorable. Whether your audience are clients, potential customers, senior colleagues or junior staff, this course will help you to…

Sales Training

In the current economic climate, competition is rife and potential customers are increasingly willing to research and shop around in order to gain value for money. Excellent sales skills are of vital importance in this difficult environment. On completion of this course, participants will have acquired a wide range of best practice sales skills and…

Stress Management

Stress is a major issue in the contemporary workplace. This is no wonder when we consider the uncertain economic climate as well as the overlapping demands of work and non-work life. Stress, can lead to anxiety and burnout and may have a devastating impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing if it is not dealt…

Time Management

In increasingly frenetic Irish workplaces, time is a scarce asset. Tight deadlines, demanding clients and never-ending streams of emails mean that workers may often feel over-burdened and stressed out. This course aims to enable individuals to deal effectively with the problem of time-poverty while successfully achieving personal and company goals

Train the Trainer

Becoming involved in training in your company is a wonderful opportunity to broaden your skill-set. Being a good trainer, however, involves a lot more than just good presentation skills; you also need to ensure that your audience actively learns from your training sessions and that they can practically apply the information to their own work…

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to apply emotional intelligence (EI) is now recognised as an essential part of achieving success at work. EI involves the ability to handle personal emotions as well as lead, influence, persuade, negotiate and motivate others. This innovative course emphasises the importance of proactive people skills in the workplace.

Business Writing

Concise, consistent and compelling business communications are an excellent branding tool for any business that wishes to engage with their clients, customers and other stakeholders. As corporate communications become more diverse with the proliferation of blogs and online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it is important that businesses leverage these online tools…


Irish Business Training Ltd.
Raheen Conference Centre
Raheen, Limerick
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