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Communications Group

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

The Communications Group of Ireland (CGI) was formed in 1992 and offers a professional public relations & marketing service. The Group also incorporates Lansboro International and the European Institute of Communications.

Lansboro is a production company with its own state of the art digital production studio providing professional services including TV/Video/DVD production, web hosting and streaming, design and digital photography.

Through the European Institute of Communications, a centre for excellence in communication education, we offer 20 diploma and certificate courses.

Public Relations is the key to the success of business. Every company, no matter how small or large, has a PR strategy operating for them but sometimes it is badly managed or worse still is the best kept secret in the world.

That’s where we come in. We evaluate, discuss, devise and develop, implement and manage to give the the professional support to our clients to allow them to communicate effectively with their audiences and make their business, project, campaign or programme a success.

Our experience within the public relations industry ranges from small to large corporate business and commercial organisations. In 1999/2001 we won the inaugural national Public Relations Consultants and Public Relations Institute of Ireland’s coveted Awards for Excellence as the No. 1 Financial PR Consultancy in the country and were runners up in the 2002/2003 Awards for Excellence in the same category.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is a valuable personal skill, which is essential for effective communication. An assertive individual has the power to command the respect of others, achieve personal and professional goals and fulfil his or her potential.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill for successful business practice. A skilled communicator projects authority, confidence and professionalism, being able to hold an audience, structure a message, and achieve results

Managing Customer Service

Providing customers with the best service possible is one of the most important objectives that any company has. At the completion of this course, staff will be motivated to and will possess the skills necessary to deliver the best service to your customers

Interview Techniques

Todays competitive career marketplace means that a number of candidates with similar qualifications will be interviewed for the same position. This programme will show you how to project your own unique characteristics to create an outstanding impression.

Media Training

Media Training is an essential ingredient of any PR programme. It is important that clients can deal effectively with and communicate their message to the media. It is also necessary that clients understand the need for personal preparation and knowledge of media deadlines and the impact of such factors can have in getting their story…

Negotiation Skills

This course is designed to deliver all you need to know about negotiating effectively whether as a manager, buyer or sales person. The programme provides intensive training in techniques that will enable you to start from a strong position and confidently take the negotiation process through to closing the deal. Emphasis is on developing the…

Presentation Skills

The course is ideally suited for those candidates who have found themselves in a position where they must make formal professional presentations, as well as those preparing to speak at a conference or seminar. Candidates may include sales & marketing personnel, management and / or individuals that wish to improve their own interpersonal communication skills.

Crisis Management

Every organisation, no matter how smoothly run, needs to be prepared for handling a crisis. Situations occur which are beyond managements control, but must be dealt with in a way that preserves and enhances a companys reputation. This course offers the training required to manage the key areas of planning, preparing and implementing a Crisis…

Profile in Public Relations

This programme is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the public relations techniques required to develop and implement a core public relations strategy.

Receptionist Skills

The Receptionist plays a key role in the Organisation and is often the first person with whom a potential client makes contact. At the completion of this course, participants will be competent in dealing with all aspects of the Receptionists role, from answering the telephone to dealing with customers.

Sales Techniques

Successful selling is based on good communication the art of listening, building trust, asking the right questions, speaking the customers language, and handling objections. The candidate will learn and practice specific sales techniques guaranteed to win new customers and retain customer loyalty. Building on existing strengths, the salesperson will learn to create a sales plan…

Telephone Skills

As first point of contact with customers, your telephone staff are of key importance in creating a professional image for your company. Effective, efficient, and pleasant handling of telephone calls is an essential first step in positive public relations

Time Management

Time is our most valuable resource. How wisely do we use it? This course aims to teach you to increase your effectiveness and your efficiency through proper time management.

Business Writing Skills

The Writing Skills programme is aimed at improving candidates writing skills. It has the benefit of supporting and enhancing the participants professional communication skills and will enable them to produce confident, effective, persuasive and engaging written material.


Communications Group
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