Course Description

Resilience Training

Resilience is an important set of skills to acquire, no matter where you work or what role you have.

It is the ability to respond calmly and effectively in times of uncertainty, change, or even crisis.

Our 1-day Resilience in the Workplace workshop is designed for participants from all backgrounds. There are no pre-requisites and – with dates available throughout the year – it is open for anyone to attend.


Why Resilience?


  • Handle the UnexpectedWe can’t control changing situations or difficulties that crop up in our working life. We can, however, control our response to these situations.Possessing resilience skills gives you a toolkit you can rely on in challenging situations.
  • Lower Your Stress LevelsThe confidence and capability you will gain through acquiring and then strengthening your resilience skills helps to lower your stress levels considerably.
  • Become a Problem-SolverThose who have resilience skills respond well to a crisis, immediately shifting into problem-solving roles rather than panicking.When you’re in this mode, you will find creative solutions to problems that may have otherwise seemed impossible.


Course Objectives

This course is designed to equip you with:

  • an understanding of change and how people react to changing situations
  • self-awareness (essential for changing how you respond)
  • stress management tools
  • a personal action plan for resilience


Course Content

This 1-day course is divided in the following two modules:


  • Module 1: Understanding Change and Self-Awareness
  • Module 2: Building Resilience and Handling Challenging Situations


Module 1 focuses on understanding how change and challenges impact us, while Module 2 is devoted to taking action to respond well.

You can read a more detailed breakdown of the subjects covered in each module in our Resilience in the Workplace brochure. Get in touch with us by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810) or email ( to request your PDF brochure copy.


Why Choose Resilience Training With Us?

Practical Skills in a Focused Timeframe

Recognising that everyone’s schedule is packed these days, we have developed this Resilience Training as a 1-day workshop.

We take a very practical approach to the material covered so that you come away with a set of resilience skills you can begin using immediately.

Training ProviderProfessional Development
Course LocationBlanchardstown, Dublin
Location PostcodeDublin 15
Course CategoryStress Management, Health & Safety
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course Duration1 Day
Course Time9.30am - 5.00pm
Course Fee175
Entry RequirementsThere are no entry requirements for this Resilience Training. It is suitable for anyone who wants to gain a solid set of skills and techniques for managing stress and responding well in stressful situations.
Carear PathOur Resilience Training is an asset to every role and career path as it provides you with skills to support your wellbeing at work and enables you to handle challenges well.
Phone1800 910 810
For information about Professional Development, please visit our Training Provider page on by clicking here.

Course Provider

Professional Development

Suite 11, Plaza 256, Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2, Blanchardstown, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Eircode: D15 T934

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Professional Development
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Blanchardstown, Dublin
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