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Zenith Training & Development

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Zenith Training & Development is a training company based in Dublin, Ireland and focused on delivering high-quality training  courses and coaching to our clients. We blend coaching and training as our skill-set, but we have knowledge about business and corporate dynamics, which allows us to work across industries and businesses. We bring the best of knowledge in psychology, coaching and training tools to our clients to support their growth.

We offer training courses to companies and individuals across Ireland by using the most up-to-date coaching techniques and training skills. We focus on behaviour change  with people. We work with teams  and individuals from C-level to all staff across organisations. We work to improve business results in sales,  showing people how to be better presenters, coaching people on challenges in the workplace that stand in the way of good leadership and team work.  Whatever you need in training courses and coaching, we can tailor your training to your company.

We know that bringing awareness to behaviour can transform people and help them actualise their potential. We believe in the power of coaching and quality training to affect change. We want to bring a new mind-set and people-dynamics to groups of people working together. Quality relationships and quality thinking can transform an organisation. We want to do our part in bringing these tool to people who seek real change.

Communication Skills, Management, Team Building

One of the main issues highlighted in HR survey by SilkRoad, was how to properly retain and engage employees. The key to unlocking this door rests in finding an organisational framework for communicating effectively within teams and with staff; a structure where diverse styles can blend together and create the level of co-operation needed for…

Communication Skills

Tips and ways to improve communication skills at work, including what is needed to be an effective communicator. We cover tops such as good communication and bad communication in work whether it is verbal communication or non-verbal, body language and what you can learn from it.

Management Training Course

On this Management Training Course, managers will learn practical tools for managing others effectively. The course is a blend of tools that will improve the managers communications skills and leadership in their organisation. The tools will help participants to understand the motivation of their teams, improve employee engagement and improve team performance by applying the…

Communication Skills, Effective Presentation Skills

Have you ever been described as a great listener? Would this describe you? Are you the person that keeps saying Sorry, what did you say? I was prompted to think about listening in the past few month because I was working on some business projects which required deep levels of listening on my part to…

Management, Motivating People, Sales Training Tips, Selling Skills

Learn what employee motivation is about, how to motivate people, get employee engagement, how to motivate your team and your staff


Zenith Training & Development
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