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TACK Training International

3015 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin, Ireland

Generating exceptional sales performance requires an all embracing approach and the successful integration of systems, processes, tools, recruitment, product knowledge and, of course, sales skills training. At TACK International we offer the complete package to develop salespeople and advance your business.

Access a wide range of sales and management training courses in Ireland and worldwide. From foundation to advanced skills level, TACK can provide courses for all levels.

Maximise your training investment working in partnership with TACK, we can provide in company programmes or shared development resources; we’ll help you ensure the successful transfer of learning back to the workplace.

By working with TACK International you’ll access a wealth of information and best practice. Thousands of sales professionals and their organisations have chosen to work with TACK to develop the performance of the sales teams – we hope you’ll join us to participate in world class training that brings results.

Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

Working with and through other people is critical for business success; these can be your peers, your direct reports, your boss and other senior managers, or people who are external to your organisation. This dynamic programme will help you build on your skills in developing relationships, making decisions and achieving results. You’ll learn how to…

Successful Networking

Everyone in a business environment knows that nothing is more valuable than personal contacts. The ability to network is a skill which can significantly aid you in any role and in your career development. Being in the same place with potential useful contacts and customers is not enough. You have to use your time and…


Coaching is one of the most important management skills to develop the abilities of your people helping them to find ways to maximise their strengths and solve problems. Effective coaching can only be fully understood through practice. This highly participative workshop demonstrates how to coach different types of people to achieve winning levels of performance.

Financial Understanding for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals know that highly tuned sales and people skills alone do not guarantee success. You need an understanding of the make up and importance of cost structures and pricing of your business and your customers business in order to present persuasive proposals and to negotiate wisely and with confidence. Mastering this means you can…

Financial Understanding for the Senior Executive

This programme defines the jargon so that you can take control, ask your accountants the right questions and improve profitability. Youll leave with a clear understanding of how to use financial and management accounting techniques to improve your companys fortunes.

Measuring Training Return on Investment

TACKs practical workshop will let you access and apply Kirkpatrick Level 4 to your own training priorities. It is designed for HR and training directors, learning and development professionals and anyone who is responsible for planning and purchasing training.

Leadership in Senior Management

The higher you go in an organisation, the more important the people aspects of your job become. But people issues dont become easier as people become more senior. This, coupled with the unrelenting pace of change in todays business environment, means you need to direct and motivate your senior staff to enable them to cope…

Motivational Leadership

Successful leaders achieve the right results by gaining the support and confidence of their team and by inspiring each member to develop the confidence to realise their full potential. During this highly participative middle management course youll identify your own strengths and weaknesses and plan personal performance improvement points. Youll also discover how to achieve…

Profitable Negotiating

Ever won the deal but lost the profit? Effective negotiation demands a unique combination of skills aside from your existing sales or buying skills. This practical ‘hands on’ course focuses on the best negotiation techniques – allowing you to cooperate rather than compete to achieve a good result for both parties in the negotiation. You’ll…

Channel Strategy & Planning

Establishing the strategy for sales through a team or organisation that is not directly under your control presents special challenges. Learn how to plan and implement a successful channel strategy and manage channel performance to achieve outstanding growth and results with your chosen partners

Winning Presentations

Communicating, either to win new business or to influence an internal audience, has never been so dependent upon outstanding presentations. Few courses offer such total involvement with an absolute guarantee of individual performance improvement. Through video feedback on at least two occasions, delegates witness dramatic performance improvement, leaving them 100% more confident than when they…

Appointment Making

Finding new clients in the face of increased resistance is the challenge of virtually every business. This programme focuses on increasing your opportunities to gain more qualified appointments with prospects who genuinely want to meet you and hear about what impact your product or service can have on their business.

Field Sales Management

A Field Sales Manager succeeds through team effort. For your sales team to meet its objectives and achieve outstanding results you must be able to motivate and focus each member whilst leading by example. Learn how to make your team look forward to your field visits, how to train and develop them in front of…

Field Sales Management 2

Sales Managers must generate revenue and profit through their sales teams. With targets usually predetermined by company policies, you must be able to establish objectives which are compatible. This interactive course further develops your skills, enabling you to forecast future sales, plan future operations, introduce change and work with your team to successfully fulfil your…

Profitable Sales Management

With strategic sales management responsibilities you must be a strong leader, responsive motivator, efficient organiser, accurate forecaster, numerate budgeter, inspired speaker, whilst being a successful salesperson! This challenging course will help you develop exceptional all round business skills.

Sales for Non-Salespeople

All customer facing employees shape the experience and impression your customers have of your organisation. This one day seminar is designed to provide your people with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to make a positive impact on sales and to understand the vital role they play in the customers experience.

The Psychology of Selling

As every sales professional knows, excellent communication is critical at all stages of the customer relationship – create the wrong impression at any time and a hot prospect or profitable customer may be lost forever. This dynamic course will help you to understand yourself, as well as others, allowing you to refine your key skills…

Effective Supervisory Management

Successful team leaders achieve their objectives through their teams. This practical supervisor training course equips you with the skills you need to help each member of your team achieve their maximum potential. You will have lots of opportunities to assess your own strengths and weaknesses in a supportive environment, exchange ideas with other supervisors and…

Effective Supervisory Management 2

Today the only real point of difference between organisations is the quality of their people. In a business environment where change is the only constant coaching, counselling and correction are essential people management skills. This interactive course will reinforce and develop your skills, leaving you better able to lead a successful team.

Relationship Management

As every sales professional knows, excellent communication is critical at all stages of the customer relationship – create the wrong impression at any time and a hot prospect or profitable customer may be lost forever. This dynamic course will help you to understand yourself, as well as others, allowing you to refine your key skills…

Making Your Time Count

In todays results oriented business environment, time management isnt easy for anyone. Every day you face the pressure of increasing demands from colleagues, customers and your boss. This intensive workshop covers an amazing number of practical techniques to help you plan, organise and become more effective with your time


TACK Training International
3015 Lake Drive
Citywest Business Campus, Dublin
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