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Sean Dwan

136 Ciamaltha Meadows, Nenagh, Limerick, Ireland

Ever needed to make a presentation to your management team? Are you nervous when you have to make a speech? Are your sales presentations effective? If so, then look no further than Sean Dwan at Speak for Success International.

Sean Dwan has over a decade of experience in offering public speaking courses and presentation skills training and has spent most of his professional life in a sales role.

At Speak for Success International, Sean provides presentation skills training and public speaking courses both, on-site and in public workshops. The Speakers Training Camp aims to inspire confidence, whether you are a CEO, Salesperson, Business Owner or an executive.

Sean Dwan provides on-site training and hands-on workshops for people who would like to improve their public speaking abilities and methods of presentation. He is an International Certified SpeakersTrainingCamp Instructor ®, and is famous for his great sense of humour, optimism, enthusiasm and his personable approach.

The SpeakersTrainingCamp® is known throughtout the world and has been provided to companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Voxpro Communications, Contracting Plus, Cook Medical, Merrill Brink International, ESB , Goulding Fertilizers/Chemicals, British Airways, Owens Corning, General Dynamics, Fortune 500 Companies, Educational Institutions and a wide range of small and medium sized companies. Session lengths of the SpeakersTrainingCamp® workshop can be adjusted to accommodate your specific needs.

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Sean Dwan
136 Ciamaltha Meadows
Nenagh, Limerick
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