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The Digital Hub, Dublin, Ireland

We’re a partnership passionate about Prezi! Imprez was founded in 2012 in Dublin, Ireland by Joseph Thompson & Niall Dennehy.

Imprez primarily offer Prezi Training and Design services. Whether it’s attending one of our in-house or on-site courses or helping you to create a winning Prezi then talk to us!¬†Our mission is to turn everybody into better storytellers and rid the world of boring presentations. What better way to do this than by using Prezi to make an impression!¬†Keeping our clients happy & exceeding expectations is what excites us here at Imprez. Having worked with clients in over 50 countries, we are confident we can help you to make an impression.

Prezi Beginner Overview

This course is aimed at people who are new to Prezi. Available as day and full day options. Both course gives attendees their first taste of how to start preparing, developing and presenting using Prezi as a tool over slides.

Prezi Corporate Overview

The Imprez Corporate training offering is aimed at those who deliver presentations for their company. This training will enable attendees to understand what is involved in planning, designing and creating a winning presentation.

Prezi Designer Overview

This course is aimed for attendees who have a basic knowledge of prezi and how to use it but want to understand prezi design. Attendees will learn how to best use animation, zooming, media and structuring their presentation.


The Digital Hub
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