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NCU Training

The Glin Centre, Coolock, Coolock, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

NCU Training is a non-profit independent organisation and our role in today’s economy like many other not for profit organisations is to play a vital part in the recovery process during this recession. Non-profits are expected to operate on a higher, nobler plane than other organisations, and we insist that they focus on public good rather than private gain in accomplishing their goals. Non-profits have proven to be effective instruments for addressing social needs outside of Government. To perform effectively, however, they must be free to take risks. Try new approaches and invest in solutions as they see fit. This means developing, strategies and skills to build the capacities to serve their communities to become self-sufficient and to compete for resources needed to achieve their mission.


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NCU Training
The Glin Centre
Coolock, Coolock, Dublin
Republic of Ireland
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