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McKernan Training Solutions

Mc Kernan Training Solutions, Malahide, Dublin, Ireland
Mc Kernan Training Solutions was founded in 2002 after I spent eighteen years working for blue chip, Multinational companies in Ireland. During my career I have only had one core idea for my own business and that was the delivery of brilliant, measured training solutions. This website shares with you the services that make up that idea and its evolution to date.

My goal is to help you develop yourself, your business, your profits and your life balance through six separate services delivered with passion, fun, energy, integrity and absolute commitment around implementation and value for money.

Have a look at the services or just phone me, tell me what you need and if I can’t help you, I’ll tell you straight away, if I can, then we will do a small piece of business first, just so you are comfortable “that my words are met with equally proficient action and results for you”.

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McKernan Training Solutions
Mc Kernan Training Solutions
Malahide, Dublin
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