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LBS Partners

Block 2 International Business Centre,, Castletroy, Limerick, Ireland

LBSPartners bring unrivalled training and consulting expertise to operational and organisational challenges. Our depth of expertise in lean business solutions positions us uniquely to provide services which identify value adding opportunities to help our clients achieve business excellence.

Honed from our collective management consulting experience, we employ proven methodologies and best practices to achieve business process improvement across a range of industry sectorsOur approach to transformation and continuous improvement aligns the development of people and the improvement of business processes with the overall purpose of your organisation.

We partner with you to develop customised onsite training programmes in lean, six sigma, leadership, personal productivity and people development; as well as business and management consulting services to help realise ultimate competitive advantage and improved business results.

LBSPartners is a coaching-based business process improvement consultancy with unrivaled experience finding the right solution for each business challenge. Our approach is hands-on, data-based and result driven; we customise our offerings to meet each clients’ individual needs.

Established in 2002, LBSPartners has created a unique, practical and proven Framework that enables us to develop solutions which produce the ultimate competitive advantage for our clients. Our Framework methodology recognises four specific cornerstones for success: Leadership, Coaching, Standardisation and Education. By employing Lean methodologies and best practices, honed from our collective experience, we partner with our clients to deliver the best results from their people and processes.

Our team of consultants average more than 25 years’ experience across a variety of business sectors and have completed in excess of 200 Lean projects and training engagements. As thought leaders within the Lean community, we provided support, in conjunction with NSAI, Enterprise Ireland, Irish universities and industry representatives, for the development of LEAN Swift Standard. We provide content and lecture on the UL MBA and Lean Graduate Diploma courses and the Engineers Ireland Future Professionals Programme.

Hoshin Planning (Strategy Deployment)

Strategy Deployment, also known as Hoshin Planning, streamlines vision driven leadership for breakthrough improvement. LBSPartners training programme assists management to align the goals of the organisation (strategy) with management plans (tactics) and work performed by the entire workforce (operations).

Introduction to Lean for Leaders

LBSPartners Introduction to Lean for Leaders training programme is aimed at senior organisational leaders. Training provides a detailed understanding of the fundamental concepts which underpin Lean Thinking and uses the primary tools learned to help establish next steps and develop a clear blueprint for the organisations ongoing improvement. Lean concepts, including value, value streams, flow,…

Lean Black Belt Training Course

The Specialist Diploma in Quality Management Lean Systems, offered by the University of Limerick, is a Lean Black Belt course, recommended by LBSPartners. The programme enables participants to support their organisations to gain competitive advantage through the application of Lean principles, to drive improvement with measurable results. Participants complete a company-based project as a key…

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course

In the current environment, companies need to be relentless in their efforts to eliminate waste from their businesses. Increasingly, the Lean systems approach is being adopted as the means of achieving this, with its focus on optimising customer value across the whole end-to-end business, and its ability to transform the business by exposing and eliminating…

Lean Yellow Belt Training Course

Problem solving is one of the keys to successful Lean implementation; sustaining a Lean transformation requires continuous problem solving by everyone in the organisation. Lean problem solving, in the context of continuous improvement, it is a never-ending process. Lean thinking describes a structured method for problem solving, starting with a clear statement of a problem,…


LBS Partners
Block 2 International Business Centre,
Castletroy, Limerick
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