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Bookkeeping Academy of Ireland

Wexford, Ireland

The Bookkeeping Academy of Ireland was formed to create a space where bookkeepers and businesses alike can learn the practical skills needed to record the transactions of a business and to understand clearly what those transactions mean. They are here to make you feel fully informed, supported and connected. 100% Irish owned, they understand your business like no-one else does.

Why Choose the Bookkeeping Academy?

With 10 years experience in training and education, 30 years experience in SMEs and hundreds of learners brought to successful qualifications and career development, the Bookkeeping Academy team have the experience to bring you to the next level.

Their practical, certified bookkeeping courses include computerised bookkeeping training as well as VAT, RCT, Budgeting, Allowable expenses and Capital Allowances.

Furthermore, their experience allows them to focus on understanding as well as practising. You will build confidence in your skills and application to take with you into your workplace or business.

Practical Courses

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