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Blueprint Coaching & Training

Galway, Galway, Ireland

Blueprint Coaching and Training is a business located in the west of Ireland. We offer a broad range of services from personal change to team building.

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Based in Galway, Ireland, we provide coaching and training for individuals, groups and companies who want to create lasting change in their lives, whether on an emotional, behavioural or physiological level. We believe that facilitating personal breakthroughs can greatly enhance the working environment.

Our services cater for groups and individuals from all walks of life. We aim to develop people from within. We provide our services in a variety of in person seminars, workshops and one on one coaching programs.

Blueprint Coaching & Training was set up by Evelyn Cormican in 2007. She has been practising for a number of years as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics and a Holistic Therapist. Evelyn also has a number of years experience in management in the corporate sector. After a 15 year career in management in the corporate environment, She also hold qualifications in Holistic Studies, and is a certified trainer through NUI Maynooth and through Junior Chamber International University. Evelyn has been personally trained by Bob Proctor ( who features in ‘The Secret’) from Life Success Productions and is certified to include Bob’s material in her seminars and programmes.

Maximising Your Potential as a Sales Person

In reality it has nothing to do with their experience, product knowledge, salary or incentive package. Instead the difference often comes down to individual mental approach and the ability to set and achieve individual goals

Building an Effective Team

This training seminar focuses on developing both individual and team-based behaviour and skills so that your results as a collective group are improved. It is ideal for similar or crossfunctional groups within companies who are seeking to develop their full potential through more effective teamwork

Experience the Power of the Master Mind

This course is targeted at individuals who are seeking to develop their full potential and an increased awareness of how to achieve success.

Setting and Achieving Your Goals

In this two day seminar we dont just teach you how to set goals; we also teach you the formula for Goal Achieving.


Blueprint Coaching & Training
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