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If you have tried to use PowerPoint in the past and your efforts did not create the engaging, professional presentation that you were trying to create this may have left you feeling frustrated overwhelmed and defeated! Although a poorly done PowerPoint can be quite discouraging, we can show you a better way by teaching you how to use all of the best features that PowerPoint has to offer in our PowerPoint training courses. We know that there are many features within PowerPoint that you may not be utilizing because you are afraid that you will make a bad presentation, let us help you!

Training ProviderBusiness Brains
Course LocationBlackrock, Dublin
Location PostcodeCo. Dublin
Course CategoryMicrosoft PowerPoint, Information Technology
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Course Provider

Business Brains

Tazoa Ltd,, 1 Ardagh Park Road, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland

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Business Brains
Tazoa Ltd,
1 Ardagh Park Road, Blackrock, Dublin
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