lists professional development courses with many delivery methods and types for those wishing to enhance their careers in Ireland. Training courses are run in many ways, to provide maximum flexibility for those wishing to enrol:

Part-time Training usually takes place in the evening and/or at weekends to accommodate those who work during the day. This is the perfect option for a worker in a full-time position who’s looking to upskill on their own time. Depending on the qualification or type of training required, courses can last anywhere from one day to a full year and beyond.

Distance Learning or Blended Learning is a great option for people looking to upskill with flexibility. People taking these kinds of training courses will receive self-instructional learning materials, either hard copies or online, and will only meet the tutors and other students occasionally for face-to-face lectures and workshops, online discussions, self-assessment activities, assignments, and formal examinations.

Online Learning, Webinars or eLearning are further methods of delivering courses, which are taught via various digital resources. These online learning portals can be based on formalized learning with various types of assessments, as well as online supports.

Other training options include In-House Training, where the trainers come to your company, and On-Site Training, where you, the learner visits and study at a specified location.

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