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With the pace of change in business with regards to international expansion and the emergence of new markets, the necessity for your firm to have an international presence is ever more pressing. Besides the increasing usage of foreign languages, learning how to speak a foreign language fluently could also open you up to be more accepting of the culture and traditions of others. This, in turn, can help you tap into opportunities for diversified business and educational pursuits in countries that have been previously out of your reach. What’s not in any dispute whatsoever is that taking a foreign language course widens the door opening in terms of opportunity. To grow in business,  knowing more people in both your immediate and expanding business network is so important.

What is a Language Training Course?

Bilinguals frequently have the ability to use a more logical and rational thought process. As opposed to just being monolingual, knowing another language gives you an insight into how other cultures think. By undergoing language training you will be engaging a whole other thought faculty and by mastering this you will be better able to switch easily between two languages without a break in your thought processes. This is an ability many monolinguals do not have and it will definitely give you an edge in either developing your business or just developing your career.

Course Content Includes:

Often through group tuition and group discussion work, on a language training course, you will learn the theory, structure and usage of a language. You can then engage in intensive one-to-one private tuition with other students and specialised tutors to hone your skills. In your one-to-one lessons, you should concentrate on the areas that you think are important for your job as well as on the areas that you need to concentrate on in order to master the language. All language courses vary – because of  the language itself, the level and what the course is designed to achieve – however, here is the course content that is regularly included:

  • Business correspondence: learn and practice writing emails and business letters. You will be able to practice writing emails and letters as well as look and read examples of emails and letters in any particular language.
  • Using the telephone or other audio or audio visual forms of communication: are you uncomfortable with speaking on the phone in a foreign language? Do you immediately start speaking English as a form of default? With the help from experienced teachers, you can overcome your problems with speaking foreign languages while engaging in conversation.
  • Presentations in a foreign language: do you have to or will you have to make presentations in your chosen foreign language as part of your job but you don’t always have the right vocabulary to do so? Would you like to practice giving presentations? You will be able to practice and improve your presentations during one-to-one lessons.

What You Will Learn

Do you go to a lot of conferences and want to inform future clients about your product/service? Do you need language specific vocabulary for a particular project? Then chose a teacher and course that can help with improving your vocabulary in the areas you require. 

Why Training in This Field Delivers

In addition to being very enjoyable, the learning of another language can provide a definitive boost to your career. Learn to negotiate in foreigh languages. Colleagues, partners or customers from different cultures negotiate differently and this is not only because the negotiations take place in their but also because of the frequent particular culture around negotiation and business. Through language training, you can open doors and expand your horizons.



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