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Improve your Telephone Skills and Phone Etiquette within a Business with Telephone Skills Training Courses

Nowadays we live in a world of relaxed manners, casual business dress, informal communication and a generally more laid back atmosphere when compared to previous generations. All these are done with the aim of making our world more comfortable and relaxed, especially for those employed today. The purpose of etiquette is to give us all a standard set of expectation so that we don’t unintentionally disappoint or annoy another person.

How we sound on the phone is vital to the success of our organization. It is through the telephone that a business probably has its first encounter with a customer. Thus it is important to make the best first impression. If you’re unaware of or choose to ignore the protocols of communication etiquette when dealing with customers or potential customers, it can have a profound effect on the image of your business.

What are Telephone Skills?

Telephone skills are the knowledge of how to effectively communicate over the phone. People generally think that they are good in telephone communication. Only those who listen on the other side will be able to tell us whether we are proficient in our telephone skills or not. Very often one will hear some rough, cold greetings and indifferent tone. Since it is a very important form of communication, the vocal qualities are the most important elements of communication.

What will I learn from a training course?

These programs are designed to make sure that you are first aware of the proper protocols of telephone skills and that you’ve had enough exposure to the skills and practices to effectively implement those protocols. This is what one is expected to learn over the course;

  • Understand the basics of telephone communication
  • Explain the greeting and leave over the phone (etiquette)
  • Discuss the listening for tone/mood and attitude
  • Explain about the handling of trouble shooting situations
  • How to answer and make telephone calls in a professional manner
  • Learn the skills of how to effectively respond to a customer’s call
  • Learn how to create rapport with customers over the phone
  • To learn the importance of telephone skills to a business
  • Learn the benefits of telephone skills and etiquette
  • How to answer a customer’s complaints
  • How to multitask
  • Learn the difficulties of telephone communication
  • How to collect data and information
  • Learn what to say when handling a phone call
  • How to put callers on hold without frustrating them
  • Basic computer skills
  • How to transfer calls to the designated receiver
  • How to have good listening skills
  • How to take down messages
  • Learning the basics and effectiveness of teleconferencing
  • Learning about the barriers of communication and how to deal with them
  • How to answer back questions
  • Effective customer service techniques
  • How to communicate in an audible tone
  • How to be polite but professional at the same time
  • How to initiate a conversation over the call
  • How to end a call
  • How to return calls in a timely service
  • The difference between answering a call at home and answering at work
  • How to know when is the right time to call and when not to
  • General etiquette tips
  • How to handle telephone manners
  • How to answer with confidence
  • One is generally expected to improve his or her communication skills

What can I expect to do after I finish?

Graduates of this course can choose from a wide range of different career options. One can be a press secretary, copywriter, communications officer, marketing coordinator, Public Relations officer or a Human Resource manager among many other opportunities.

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