So You Want To Become A Career Coach?

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So you want to become a career coach? It can be a very lucrative and worthwhile career. Here we break down elements of the role and what you need to get on the path to becoming a career coach

What does a career coach do?

The purpose of a career coach is to help clients reach their career goals.

As a career coach you will:

  • Help your clients identify their goals and the things that are holding them back.
  • Advise your clients on their career trajectories.
  • Coach your clients to acquire hard or soft skills, like new tech skills or better negotiation skills.
  • Give feedback and improve your clients’ cover letters and resumes and improve their interview skills.
  • Help your clients become more confident and gain clarity.

How does career coaching differ from life coaching?

A life coach tackles all aspects of a persons life and can also tackle things like mental health and wellbeing. A Career coach is specifically concerned with furthering the clients’ career. Not with any other aspects of the clients’ life. By positioning yourself as a career coach, your clients know they will get help with figuring out their careers. The benefit is VERY specific and clear.

What skills do you need as a career coach?

If you are someone who wishes to become a life coach you should consider whether or not you are suited to it. If you are someone who has the following skills then it could be just the career for you.

  • Listening. By listening to your clients, you understand what they want to achieve.
  • Asking questions. By asking probing questions, you help your clients find the answers.
  • Encouraging others. Building confidence is a huge part of being a career coach. Help your clients get past their mental barriers and insecurities.

So How Do I Become A Career Coach?

There are no rules that specifically say you need a qualification to become a Career Coach, however, there are several courses available to you should you wish to pursue this career path. If you embark on a training course it will inevitably add to your credibility and will reassure your future clients that you are qualified and really know what you are talking about!


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