Slave to the Job, Master of your Career: new ways of shaping your career

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Today’s challenging job market requires employees to be flexible and adaptable and bring a new way of thinking and behaving to their roles. Slave to the Job, Master of your Career by Sean McLoughney challenges people to change their mindset. McLoughney argues that we need to go from being employees to being entrepreneurs.

Adapting to the changing work environment

The book outlines how to adapt, as well as thrive, in the changing work environment. This includes using practical business skills to find and keep the best jobs, as well as bringing value to your employer. This book sets out a step-by-step business approach showing you how to:

  1. Think like an entrepreneur
  2. Treat your employer as your most important customer
  3. Grow your personal brand
  4. Develop your skills
  5. Devise a business plan to stay employable

In the 21st century workplace, people will be expected to overcome new challenges. These will require an entrepreneurial mindset as well as a fresh way of thinking. Slave to the Job, Master of your Career is written to help you take the first critical step. It show you how to make yourself more marketable and employable, and to set yourself apart from the crowd.

The book covers the following areas:

  1. It’s Your Career – Managing yourself like a business
  2. Planning Department: Your business plan to keep working
  3. Quality Assurance Department: Set yourself apart by adding real value to your customer/employer
  4. Marketing Department: Protect your personal brand
  5. Research and Development Department: Your personal development strategy and understanding
  6. your true value
  7. Sales Department: Networking your way to success
  8. Audit Department: Yesterday a slave, today a master


About the author

Sean McLoughney set up his own learning and development business, LearningCurve, in 2001. He spent almost 20 years with the EBS Building Society where he held key managerial positions. LearningCurve specialises in delivering skills and knowledge for managing people. The company has worked with large Irish and multinational companies. McLoughney also lectures in Managing People (ACCA) for BPP Professional Education. He delivers the Diploma in Managing People for Chartered Accountants Ireland, as well as lecturing for IPASS.

Anne Sexton

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