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Stand up above the rest by applying for a PA (Personal Assistant) Training Course!

Business owners or executive officers may not have the time to plan for everything as sometimes their schedule might be too busy. That is where a Personal Assistant comes in handy. His or her job is to stay devoted to working closely with their employer to ensure he/she has a more productive time with being concerned with more important issues than keeping files and other clerical duties.

Who is a Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant is a person whose job is to help another person carry out their daily or personal duties. You can define it as an enabler, helper or someone working with guidance from their boss to help with what is needed. A personal assistant (PA) typically is the one in charge of carrying out administrative work on behalf of their employer

What will I learn?

  • Helping the employer keep up with his practical need and also helping them be who they are
  • Enable you have an understanding and continuity of your employer’s life
  • A PA is supposed to act as the first point of contact for the employer. In case of any calls or dealing with correspondence and phone calls from unknown or known contacts.
  • How to manage calendars and organize meetings to fit in the schedule
  • They can also learn how to be involved in the appointments of other junior staff
  • Learn how to control access to the employer
  • How to be in charge of taking reservations, arranging travel, and planning for transport and accommodation
  • A PA will learn how to arrange events and plan meetings or other important schedules
  • The PA will learn to be in charge of reminding the employer of important tasks and deadlines
  • Learn to carry out other clerical work like typing, filing and preparing reports
  • This course should teach how to make Public presentations and organizational skills
  • How to do letter writing, making audio and also copy typing
  • How to perfect telephone communication
  • How to work on email enquiry and responses
  • Learn how to create agendas
  • Will have better reporting skills
  • Improve on administrative skills
  • Work on better verbal communication
  • Learn and perfect on supply management
  • Be enriched in professionalism
  • Gain Microsoft office skills
  • How to manage databases and filing systems
  • How to execute and maintain procedures
  • How to maintain a good working culture
  • How to communicate as an intermediary with other workers, business partners and clients
  • How to collect financial information
  • Co-ordination and administration of various projects of junior staff
  • How to maintain secrecy and trustworthiness: a PA will often be part of confidential matters
  • Learn how to be flexible in any given situation
  • Take into consideration both written and oral communication skills
  • Learn how to have organizational skills and the ability to keep many tabs or multitasking
  • The ability to have aggression and take the responsibility
  • Learn how to be sensitive and diplomatic
  • Have critical thinking and decision skills
  • Have computer knowledge or software skills and the ability to learn company-specific software tools depending on the circumstance
  • How to build a professional friendship with your employer

What can I expect to do when I finish?

Once you are done with this course you can be certified as a potential Personal Assistant and you are qualified to undertake such a position depending on the industry or field of work you wish to pursue. There are many opportunities a Personal Assistant can find themselves in. Even celebrities cannot operate without Personal Assistants as their confidants. Take this course and be qualified to have the work of your dreams.

Jessica Hetley

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