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Microsoft Project Training Courses are concerned with teaching learners how to utilise Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project is a project management software that is specifically designed for project managers to enable them to better control their projects. Microsoft Project allows the user to plan projects, assign tasks, manage resources, make reports and more.

While part of the larger suite of Microsoft Office products, Microsoft Project is not packaged together with their other office software. Two different editions are available, standard and professional. They have a unique file format, called MPP.

Microsoft Project Features

Microsoft Project offers plenty of features that all project managers and their teams could use to manage their work more efficiently. Here are some of the features that are helpful to project managers that are available in Microsoft Project:

  • Grid View: A project view that is used to plan and manage projects with a task list.
  • Board View: A visual kanban board view that helps with managing workflow and status.
  • Timeline View: The traditional Gantt chart used for scheduling tasks over a project timeline.
  • Communication & Collaboration: Teams can work together on projects.
  • Coauthoring: Stakeholders and team members work together to edit and update task lists and schedules.
  • Reporting: Pre-built reports that can track progress, resources, programs and portfolios.
  • Roadmap: Track programs and project portfolios.
  • Timesheets: Collect project and non-project time for payroll and invoicing.
  • Resource Management: Manage resources by requesting and assigning tasks.

Why Project Is Useful For Business

Project management is a vitally important part of any business. Proper management of company projects will help any business to succeed in their specific project objectives, and deliver these projects on-time and on-budget. Utilising Microsoft Project will help any business to achieve these objectives.

Microsoft Project will help your business and allow your employees to create a workspace where they can:

  • Plan and delegate work against workflows and calendars
  • Create subfolders and dashboards
  • Assign and collaborate on tasks and documents in real-time

Microsoft Project also allows for tracking and assessing productivity through useful reports.

Why Is Microsoft Project Important To Business?

Whether your business is big or small, you will likely be working on multiple projects at any one time. Trying to achieve this without a centralised, specialised tool, can be very difficult. As a rule of thumb, the more people involved in a project, the more likely it is for mistakes to happen. Think of the old saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. In business, this can result in inconvenient delays. It could also result in staff members losing tasks, resulting in a lack of productivity. This all has a negative impact on business.  By using Microsoft Project, the user can generate a hierarchy of tasks, set deadlines and assign them to relevant project workers or team members. When tasks have been assigned, project managers can then monitor and manage the progress of individual tasks. The project manager can also manage the overall project more efficiently, and thus provide better insights into the project.

Benefits of Microsoft Project Training

There are several benefits to either taking up a training course in Microsoft Project or sending employees on one of these training courses. Here are some benefits of this sort of training. People taking these courses will learn that:

  • A well-structured and maintained project schedule can be an invaluable asset to any manager.
  • The plan maps out how you will work towards your objective.
  • Plotting things out in advance can serve to identify potential problems which you can then seek to avoid by various means.
  • Once your project is up and running an updated schedule can be used to measure how you are doing and to appreciate the impact of any changes that are encountered.
  • On completion you have the opportunity to compare outcomes with what was planned, to identify where things did not go to plan (who cares about things that happened as they should have done?) and to learn from the experience so that you do not commit the same mistakes again in future.
  • As a by-product of assembling a project schedule, you can also compile a budget and cash-flow forecast as well as having visibility of the workload confronting your team members.
  • The facilities for reporting and communicating information with Microsoft Project are significant but these outputs are only as good as your inputs. We show you how to create project schedules that provide significant insight into performance and status through the reporting capabilities of the solution.

What You Might Learn

Taking one of these courses will teach the learner everything they need to know about Microsoft Project. They will generally cover everything on Microsoft Project for the learner to become an expert These topics might include:

  • Creating your project plan
  • Scheduling tasks and milestones
  • Adding and working with resources
  • Working with views and reports
  • Tracking progress and updating your project plan
  • Developing customized features and reports
  • Linking with Microsoft Excel

Who Are These Courses For?

  • These courses are designed for people learning Microsoft Project from the Basics to Advanced skills
  • They are usually intended for a wide audience.
  • In general, no prior experience using Microsoft Project is necessary.
  • Anyone who wants to take up project management or even work as part of an efficient team

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