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A PowerPoint training course is ideal for anyone who is trying to advance their career or is interested in gaining a more in-depth knowledge of Microsoft and its packages. 

What Is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation building package that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It provides the user with everything they need to produce professional and unique looking presentations.

PowerPoint also has inbuilt word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools- all designed to be easy to use and learn.

Here is a small synopsis of some of the things that PowerPoint has to offer:

  • When you create a presentation using PowerPoint, the presentation is made up of a series of slides. The slides that you create using PowerPoint can also be presented as overhead transparencies or 35mm slides.
  • In addition to slides, you can print audience handouts, outlines, and speaker’s notes.
  • You can format all the slides in a presentation using the powerful Slide Master which will be covered in the tutorial.
  • You can keep your entire presentation in a single file- all your slides, speaker’s notes, and audience handouts.
  • You can import what you have created in other Microsoft products, such as Word and Excel into any of your slides.

The Importance Of PowerPoint In Business

PowerPoint is very popular and at some point in their education or career, most people will have used it at least once. It’s not too difficult to learn and figure out most of the basic functions of the program, especially if you just wish to make simple presentations. Most types of information can be easily be put forward using bullet points and images on different slides. In general, the vast majority of people won’t need to delve into the more advanced functionalities of Microsoft PowerPoint. However, if you are someone who has an interest in business management, you should consider taking up a PowerPoint training course.

It is a vastly useful program that has many applications in the business world. It is often used to make presentations during business meetings and can be utilised to give proposals and pitches. Knowing how to manipulate the program would be a really big advantage in business. Receiving a Microsoft certificate in PowerPoint training would give any employee the ability to create compelling presentations for any occasion.

PowerPoint Business Uses
PowerPoint is useful for other things as well as presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint can also be utilised for a myriad of different sorts of very important projects. To give an example, Small Business Computing has said that: “the program can be used to make videos for clients and employees. These videos can also be uploaded onto YouTube and distributed over social media. For startups and small businesses, this is a simple, cost-effective way to create engaging content for customers and investors.”

Microsoft PowerPoint can also create important business materials. Many companies will compose their brands’ style guides using Microsoft PowerPoint. They do this because users can create visually appealing instructions for distributors to flip through. If you often do trade shows with your company, slideshows are the ideal presentation tool for use at trade shows. These are ideal for when a business wants to attract viewer attention. Having a screen displaying interesting photos or statistics can often help to bring in potential new clients over to a business’s booth.

Is One Of These Courses For You?

A PowerPoint course is suitable for anyone in the business world who might be looking for a way to get the edge over the competition when it comes to office-based skillsets. There are courses out there for everyone from beginner level introductions, to more advanced utilisations of this popular presentation software. 

Several different vocations utilise PowerPoint regularly. PAs, EAs, VAs and Office Managers all regularly use this software in their roles. These courses are also ideal for anyone who wants to create interesting and engaging presentations, and the skillset can even be used in other areas of your life such as college or even for personal projects. 

PowerPoint is a frequently used application in many workplaces. Upon completion of one of these courses, the learner will be able to move to the next level of your career enhancement. They will be able to come up with interesting and engaging college presentations and will be able to impress work colleagues with professional and sleek looking presentations.  

Outcomes Of A Microsoft PowerPoint Training Course

PowerPoint has many uses across a variety of careers. By adding this as a skill to your CV you will impress potential employers which will help you to gain further employment. If you are interested in progressing your career to PA/EA level, assisting  Company Directors and MD’s, one of these qualifications would be very helpful to you. Completion of one of these courses will bring your presentation skills up to a skilled and professional level. 


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