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Microsoft Outlook is essentially an email application. However that is not its only function, it can also be used in the management of various types of personal data. This includes things like calendar appointments, tasks, contacts, and notes.

Why Is Outlook Important To Business?

Microsoft Outlook can be described as a comprehensive communications platform. It is included with Microsoft Office, and it provides developers with the tools needed to transform Internet-based email into a set of highly interactive communications services. It is closely linked to other Windows applications as it utilises the messaging services that are built into Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Outlook creates several avenues for innovative application development. It is one of the most frequently used software programs and it has over 200 million daily users. As an application, Microsoft Outlook has greatly improved the way businesses operate in their respective industries. Microsoft Outlook provides businesses that adopt its usage with innovation that has been proven to give those businesses at a significant edge over competitors who are not using Outlook. Using Microsoft Outlook will provide any business with a myriad of advantages.

What Can Microsoft Outlook Do?

The following are some of the advantages that using Microsoft Outlook will provide a business:

  • Email Management -The highlight of Outlook features is its organized system of email management.
  • Contact Management – Email Management works alongside another main Outlook feature: Contact Management. You can add new contacts in the usual manner, as well as import them via emails.
  • Scheduling – Outlook provides a calendar-scheduling feature.
  • Ease of Access – Any individual, from a newbie intern to the senior manager, should be able to understand the application used throughout your business.
  • Security – Aside from in-house password-protected user accounts, Outlook also protects your data from external threats. Any email attachments are thoroughly scanned before they are accessed.

Why Should You Take A Microsoft Outlook Training Course?

Any Microsoft Outlook training program will focus on the various functions that are available in Microsoft Outlook. A training course will teach the learner how these functions can be used to help organise and maintain information about business contacts, meetings, appointments, records of emails, etc. A Microsoft Outlook training program will outline any requirements that are pertinent to the current marketplace.

Potential Course Objectives

Most training courses in Microsoft Outlook will have some if not all of the following course objectives, they seek to enable the learner to:

  • Understand the basics of Microsoft Outlook 2010
    Explore various tools and functions available in Microsoft Outlook 2010, where they can be found, and how to put them to best use
  • Use the Microsoft Outlook Ribbon to increase efficiency
  • Set up email accounts on Microsoft Outlook and find all necessary technical information required to do this
  • Format emails and insert attachments
  • Use the Microsoft Outlook Address Book with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, etc., when using Mail Merge
  • Understand what ‘rules’ are and how they can help you organize your Inbox efficiently
  • Insert media into your documents and apply appropriate placement formats

What Might A Student Learn?

If engaging in one of these training courses, some of the topics covered on the course would include some if not all of the following:

  • The Outlook Menu Bar & Microsoft Ribbon
  • Customising Your Toolbar
  • Using The Navigation Pane
  • Creating Your Email Accounts
    – Sending & Receiving Emails
  • Working With Emails
    – Formatting Email Text
    –Adding Signatures To Emails
    –Inserting Attachments, Graphs, Charts, Etc.,
    –Inserting Hyperlinks In Your Emails
    –Using WordArt
    – Applying Design Themes To Your Emails
    –Creating Your Own Custom Font Set & Colour Palette
    – Send Emails To Multiple Recipients
    –Using The C.C. & B.C.C. Options
    – Inserting Voting Buttons In Your Emails
    – Requesting Delivery & Read Receipts For Your Emails
    – Setting Custom Delivery Timings For Your Emails
  • Applying Rules To Emails
    – Set Automatic Actions To Be Performed When Receiving Certain Messages
  • Using The Outlook Calendar
  • Creating Your Address Book
    – Add & Delete Contacts
    – Create New Contact Folders
    – Enable Contact Folders To Be Used As Mail Merge
  • Address Books
    – Importing & Exporting Contacts From & To Microsoft® Excel
    – Creating A Distribution List
    – Adding & Removing Contacts From A Distribution List

Who Should Take One Of These Courses?

These courses are suitable for anyone who is wishing to pursue a role in an office or administration environment. Any professionals who wish to use Microsoft Outlook with fluency and accuracy,  for sending/receiving emails and any of the other functions of Microsoft Outlook, including the Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, etc. should consider engaging with a Microsoft Outlook training course.

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