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Learn how to keep your customers with this Key Account Management Course

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Also called the Pareto rule, states that 80% of the effects come
from 20% of the causes.

From a business perspective or business management, 80% of sales usually comes from 20% of the
customers. This means that a business needs to focus on 20% of the business that brings the 80% of the

In the market today, penetration or getting new customers is a bit hectic compared to retaining existing
customers. It also varies when introducing new products to existing customers and new products to new

This course helps to focus on ensuring that these customers are treated in the best manner possible and
are frequently serviced to ensure you have the best relationship and best return on investment.

What is Key Account Management?

First of all a Key Account is a person who or a group of people with whom your business has built more
than a normal business relationship, based on an enterprise level.

Key Account Management defines the full relationship between your business and clients. It revolves
around handling the clients who play a big role in your growth.

A key account manager is kind of an extension of the managing director of a company when they dealing
with the key account that they are managing.

What will I learn?

Students will learn various elements and concepts about Key Account management. Other advantages
as a result could be;

  • Learn how to manage day-to- day interaction with clients
  • Learn new approaches to selling
  • High level of customer interaction
  • Gain better financial skills
  • Strategize or build strategies towards aligning the effort of the market
  • Strengthening your sales skills
  • Gain better managing skills as you manage key accounts
  • Developing customer service
  • Improve in communication skills
  • Engage in critical thinking and problem solving
  • Learn new and modern customer management strategies
  • Learn how to create a revenue streaming plan
  • Develop customer focused techniques and strategies to boost sales and improve the company’s accounts
  • Learning how to run account checkup meetings with customers
  • Learning new client focused service strategies
  • Train how to assess profitability among new accounts
  • Train how to engage more effectively and successfully with key customers
  • Learn about the key account management strategies
  • Learn how to build great long-term relationships and achieve a deeper understanding of your clients
  • Learn how to change from supplier to partner status in the business
  • Improve in your presentation skills
  • Improve on your observation skills
  • Improve in your negotiation skills
  • Develop your consultation skills
  • Creating new strategies to fish new accounts or new customers.
  • Learn how to deliver results for your company
  • Develop executive skills in business
  • Learn the stages of Key Accounts relationship
  • Learn how to identify potential Key Account customers
  • Learn lucrative skills in executive sales
  • How to do analysis on businesses
  • Learn practical training methods

What should I expect to do?

You can decide to go to the next level of studies. There are 3 levels; introductory level, advanced level
and Masters.

This course can put you in a better position to maximize on your business opportunity strategies.
Managing the relationship between key accounts may influence further networking and other multi-
level contacts that can bring business to you.

Gaining new practical and specialist skills will spur up better employment opportunities.

You should be expected to network and build your status after all the knowledge you got from this

You can also expect to improve your career ranking as an account manager or sales manager.

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