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Master the art of Interviewing with this Interview Skills Training Courses

Interviews are an essential part of building a company because it is through an interview that employers determine who to bring to the team and who not to.

This course does not only offer the benefit of knowing how to conduct a well-structured interview, but you also get enlightened on how people may view you even on a personal scale.

What is interviewing?

An interview is just a process of conversation where an employer has a conversation with a potential employee and assess him or her, based on personality, character and values to determine where the person can join to fit in the company.

So many people have the notion that what a person has on paper reflects the kind of person they are. It is not true because the most important thing in a person is character. One can be smart and still be a thief or one could be the smartest guy in the room but have bad morals and beliefs. That is why interviewing is all about measuring the behavior of a person. This will give them the knowledge of how to measure your goal setting skills, how to adhere to deadline, responsibility, strength, weakness, and how you deal with conflict.

What will I learn on the course?

Interviewers who are also managers, are people just like any other. And any person looks forward to grow even as an employer or employee of a company. There are other advantages that come along with this course too. Students will;

  • Learn how to give better interviews
  • Learn how to be a better interviewer
  • Learn how to interview successfully
  • Learning the details of employment law
  • Learn effective recruitment interviewing
  • Improve marketability skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Learn how to question individuals based on well-thought questions
  • Improve critical thinking skills
  • Improve decision making skills
  • Mastering body language skills
  • Improving your judgment skills
  • Improving verification skills when reading the interviewee’s file
  • Learning how to handle all types of people/Improving people skills
  • Learning illegal questions one should not ask during the interview
  • How to detect rehearsed interviews
  • Learn how to review an applicant’s resume
  • Learn how to ask behavioral questions
  • Learning how to engage interviewees
  • Knowing how to uproot the truth in interviewees
  • Learn how to target candidates based on skills, culture and qualifications
  • Learning characteristics and metrics used to pick interviewees
  • Identify techniques of choosing workers
  • Learn how to follow and repeat interviewing strategies
  • Come up with new techniques on how to interview effectively
  • Building of resume – a manager or Human Resource specialist will build a good resume to themselves if they are the ones relied to test new workers
  • Increase employability skills – know how to employ the right employees as they conduct successful interviews

What can I expect to do after I finish?

Graduates should be able to be qualified to begin conducting interviews assessing potential candidates on behalf of the company. By the end of this course one should be able to have these new skills;

  • How to judge candidates the right way and not being biased
  • How to arrange or structure the right questions to determine character
  • How to kindly reject or say no when you should
  • How to know what to look at when hiring an employee
  • How to give the best offer or how to lure a potential employee
  • How to select and attract the best candidates

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