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Protect the reputation of your company with Bullying and Harassment Training Course

Bullying in the workplace has always been a key concern. Of late here has an explosion of bullying and
harassment cases in the law courts. Even when some cases may be true, others may be false due to employer and employee differences. People in all departments of an organization need to be aware of harassment and how to handle them in the most appropriate manner possible.

Most importantly it is up to employers to know everything about bullying and harassment because they are the ones who fall victim to those allegations. This course is suitable for the employers.

What is Bullying and Harassment?

It is basically unfair treatment of an individual, be it employer or employee, towards a fellow worker which may result into a health risk. It can be categorized into three ways; verbal assault, physical assault and even psychological assault.

Bullying and harassment is illegal and forbidden in the law of any country, which makes it a matter to take seriously. Perpetrators are at risk of incurring legal action taken against them if they are found in violation of this law.

Ways in which bullying and harassment can be defined include;

  • Yelling or using abusive language to others
  • Vandalizing of other people’s belongings
  • Separating employees from others
  • Allocating harsh tasks that are not in line with the employee’s work
  • Psychological torture
  • Race, sex, disability or age discrimination
  • Withholding important information from workers
  • Sending explicit or sexual content to others.
  • Cyber-bullying through emails, texts, social network and other sites

What will I learn?

During this course one is expected to learn the following;

  • The role of employers in preventing any form of bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • The legal implication and statutes about anti-bullying guidelines
  • The significance of leadership in team building and relationship in the place of work
  • What forms of harassment there are and examples of each scenario
  • What occurs in office bullying, discrimination and how to approach it in the modest and leadership way
  • Answering to any issue raised
  • Managing complaints in the right way
  • The factors that bring out bullying, the role that cultures of different people brings, and giving guidance on bringing up a positive environment and studying of risk evaluation.
  • It offers comprehensive guidance on how to handle bullying and harassment
  • It provides the tools to be able to prevent, identify and tackle bullying and harassment
  • Help to provide a happy, productive and successful environment to work in
  • It also helps you know what is not considered bullying and harassment
  • Legal duties of employers on bullying and harassment of other workers in the organization
  • How to develop a policy statement that addresses bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • How to develop and implement procedures for bullying complaints and how they will be dealt with
  • Learn how to train supervisors and workers concerning this issue
  • How to report and where to report bullying incidences
  • Learn how investigations should be taken and its follow-up

What can I expect to do when I finish?

You are expected to know what forms of bullying exist in the workplace, how to handle each case and all the responsibilities relayed as a custodian of the organization.

If you are looking to improve the culture in your institution, this course will help you identify and even come up with those skills to ensure a good environment and atmosphere for working is sustained in your organization.

You are sure to build a good reputation and protect the image of the company and also minimize any risk of any court injunction.

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