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Vibe Training

C, Ardilaun Court, 112-114 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland

The Vibe group was established in 2000. Training projects have been facilitated by the team on 5 continents, in 15 countries. Our team and Associates are truly international in structure and have core strengths in specialist training areas. Our approach is to ride the rainbow between facilitative and directive delivery styles underpinned by accredited training instruments.

Our ‘next generation’ training workshops are underpinned by independently validated accreditations. Some are also supported by template designs including Vibe PresentR (presentation design) and Vibe TimeR (time management method). All workshops are stress tested through our Vibe CreatE quality standards model. This model ensures appropriate content and support materials to suit all learning preferences.

Delivering Effective Presentations

Our most popular workshop, this puts the focus primarily on improving the soft skills style for presenting by addressing verbal and non verbal skillsets. Hard skills are also explored through exercises on presentation structure, flow and narrative.

Influencing Communications

Underpinned by Insights Discovery personality preference profiles. Output is a greater ability to build rapport and communicate better to achieve individual and organisational goals. Highly engaging workshop utilising activities, exercises, role play and video sculptures.

Creating Sharp Presentations

Centred on PowerPoint visualisation and slide design. We not only address the technical issues on how to create elegant, interactive and high recall presentations but we also provide an education around the art to challenge convention.

Tirggering Presentation Science

All about how to structure and sequence the content depending on purpose. We explore convincing or educative content to align with audience expectations and information retention processes. Participants often include our final half day workshop integrated performance which seamlessly integrates all our presentation workshops in our Full Circle 5.5 presentation skills programme.

Building Dynamic Winning Teams

Utilising our Human Synergistics or Insights Discovery accreditation we sow the seeds for shared thinking and collective responsibility of team members. A highly effective human conditioning piece, it can also be supported by a simulation which surfaces and shares how team members are really thinking and behaving.

Beyond Time Management

Peter Hancock was one of Irelands leading trainers on Time management. Vibe has now upgraded the traditional model for time management to reflect new efficiency and effectiveness requirements. For people with deadlines, this workshop refreshes the basics but also introduces new systems and methods for more life, style and energy


Vibe Training
C, Ardilaun Court, 112-114 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2
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