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Optimum Results Ltd.

The Business Centre, Blackthorn Business Park,, Dundalk, Dundalk, Louth, Republic of Ireland

Improve your staff competencies, engagement and retention by supplying effective, practical training. Our courses cover essential areas like project management and customer service training, and specialisations like Lean Six Sigma and train the trainer.

Take a look at the business training courses we offer, and contact us to discuss what combination would best suit your organisation.

All of our training modules are available both online and in the classroom from any of the below categories in any combination, so you can tailor a training programme for your staff that will answer the specific business needs of your business.

Our team of experienced business trainers have the expertise to ensure that your organisation receives the most effective, results-focused business training available on the market.

Now in our 21st year, Optimum Results specialises in building management skills and staff competencies so as to optimise business performance and management development. Based in Ireland, midpoint on the Dublin / Belfast economic corridor, we have a full-time team of 22 people with 18 Specialist Associates.

To date, we have worked with over 9,000 clients across 11 Countries. We hold all of our business training to the highest standards.

Employee Appraisal

To analyse performance management systems.

Communication & AssertivenessSkills

Understand the advantages of assertive behaviour

Innovation & Creativity

This course is designed to develop key skills of innovative and creative thinking in your staff, and to introduce techniques of thinking and action which will encourage “outside-the-box” thinking among your employees in their approach to organisational procedures.

Conflict Management

Improve your communication skills including listening skills, influencing skills and persuasiveness.

Investigating Complaints In TheWorkplace

Openly discuss the issues and procedures around the investigation of workplace complaints

Customer Service Skills

This course gives participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver excellent customer care and to sell proactively. Participants will also gain the opportunity to practise and improve their computer skills through exposure to online learning. Our customer service course is suitable for those who are currently working in customer service or…

Introduction to E-Marketing

Gain an overview of online marketing, PR and social media

First Line Management

Understanding the five key areas of management.

Basic HR

To understand basic legislation and its implications for the business

Interviewing, Recruitment &Selection

Learn how to agree the traits required and structure an interview to deliver appropriate candidates.

Labour Law

Understand the responsibilities and requirements required by law at every stage of the recruiting and employment practices.


Develop the skills of first line managers to effectively manage people, activities, information and resources

MAGNA (Managers Assisted in Gaining New Abilities)

From start to finish, MAGNA is enjoyable, participative and job relevant. It combines well tried & tested training methodologies with modern technology and is delivered by well qualified and skilled trainers with extensive experience of actually doing the job themselves. Firmly focused on building job related skills, examples and case histories blending the participants personal…

Developing Marketing Strategy

Identify and understand the principles of marketing

Fundamental Marketing Skills

Develop a strategic marketing plan for the business so as to better meet the challenges of a fast changing trading environment.

Effective Negotiation Skills

You’ll learn to understand the negotiation process and to appreciate what makes a good negotiator. During the course we’ll also cover the various techniques involved in effective negotiations and how to practice them, and explain the skills involved in win/win negotiations. The program includes further coaching that enables your team to review how they have…

Performance Management

Develop an understanding of best practice in performance management.

Professional Presentation Skills

Building your skills in a variety of presentation types and styles.

Sales Presentation Skills

Learn to understand customer behaviour and attitudes, delivering improved sales through use of a positive attitude, build an effective approach to presentation and listening skills, increase existing customer sales through effective territory management and to create SMART sales plans.

Project Management

Establish a context for project management within your organisation

Advanced Sales Strategy

This course aims to build a professional and comprehensive approach to presentation, selling and listening skills. It also covers increasing sales through effective territory and journey management, and achieving behavioural and cultural change by involving all levels of management.

Sales Skills

Our sales training course is designed to give participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver excellent customer care and to sell proactively. We also cover maximising your current sales resource by refreshing skills and motivation, and up-skilling both field sales representatives and sales managers.People who usually deal with selling on a…

Introduction To Lean Six Sigma

This course serves as an introduction to the collaborative process of Lean Six Sigma, introducing participants to the key concepts of collaborative effort to remove waste from an organisation’s procedures, operations and practices. It will equip your employees to apply these principles within your organisation.

Stress Management

To define the concept of stress and recognise the personal and organisational costs associated with high levels of stress

Team Leadership

Identify the role and responsibilities of a team leader

Effective Telesales

Our Effective Telesales course covers areas such as maximising your existing sales force potential, new approaches to introducing products by telephone, effective questioning methods to establish engagement with customers and customer needs early, setting targets and breaking them!

Attendance Management

Fully appreciate and understand the importance of absence management

Time Management

Enable participants to plan and use their working time more effectively