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Colour and Image Academy

2 Carey’s Lane (off Patrick St), Cork, 2 Carey's Lane (off Patrick St) Cork City & Limerick City, Cork, Republic of Ireland

Colour and Image Academy, based in Cork City, Ireland, provides inspiring and thorough courses and training that is designed to enable you to possess all the relevant skills to make you successful. Not alone will Colour and Image Academy give you an understanding of colour analysis, body shapes, scale and proportion to makeup and personal shopping, this training provides you with all the tools necessary to work in the fashion world as well as giving you the opportunity to develop your own style and confidence as you learn.

Joan Cashman is the inspiration behind the company, Colour and Image Academy, a unique centre that specialises in all aspects of makeup and image consultancy courses training. Joan has used her extensive experience in teaching makeup and image to leading consultants throughout Europe, Ireland and the UK and this is what led her to set up this landmark Academy.

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