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Working With The Law (Online)

working with the law


Rather than being exhausted swimming against the tide – find out how success can come from going with the current.

Maybe you’ve studied the Law of Attraction before; you might be aware of Bob Proctor or Mary Morrissey and know how their teachings have changed lives.

Whatever has led to your search for a better future, you’ve discovered a programme that can bring you the change you need – Working With the Law will create the results you want. Sharing this programme with your team will strengthen your business, having all learnt these secrets you’ll be working together with a clear understanding and unified purpose.

“The law of cause and effect is the law of laws. What you put out, comes back.” – Bob Proctor

You already know there are opportunities open to you – opportunities you’ve been striving for.

Imagine realising those opportunities effortlessly
• A career which fulfills you, bringing you joy
• Success – and the wealth it brings to you and those around you
• A clear path to success without complicated incremental steps slowing you down
• An understanding of your purpose, learning how to be of greater service to others
• Relationships which serve you and those around you – happy, positive relationships

All these areas of our lives are dictated by Universal Laws, laws which govern outcomes whether we understand them or not. When we don’t work with these laws and principles, we find our life continuously cycles through experiences we’d rather avoid – struggle, uncertainty, overwhelm, confusion and giving up.

Recognising and trusting in these universal laws will bring harmony to your life, as you work with them. You’ll find flow and ease in your life – you’ll find success. Sharing that success throughout your business will create greater rewards for all.

“When you learn to work with the Law, winning is the most natural thing in the world.” – Bob Proctor

Two masters of Personal Development – One life-changing programme
Bob Proctor was already a successful business owner and personal development teacher studying the Law of Attraction, when he met Mary Morrissey who was also hugely successful in business and teaching. Mary introduced Bob to Working With the Law by Raymond Holliwell. Mary had worked with, and learnt from, Holliwell and understood the power of his teaching about Universal Laws.

Together Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey have advanced those teachings through their decades of study, to create a programme which will guide you in these laws and applying them to provide you a future of plenty.
These two personal development leaders have successfully created lives of happiness, fulfillment and wealth. Not only that, their teachings have continued to bring those same benefits to thousands of others every year – people just like you.


This programme includes 12 audio lessons which you can keep for life, working through them at your own pace and studying them as many times as you want.

Returning to these lessons often will give you new insights every time. These 12 lessons encompass the 11 universal laws Holliwell described:
• Working With the Law
• Law of Thinking
• Law of Supply
• Law of Attraction
• Law of Receiving
• Law of Increase
• Law of Compensation
• Law of Non-Resistance
• Law of Forgiveness
• Law of Sacrifice
• Law of Obedience
• Law of Success

Alongside these lessons, you’ll receive an exceptional workbook which is yours forever, giving you the further guidance you need to use these teachings in your own life.Whether your focus is self-development or growing your team, find out more about the programme here.

Working With the Law will help you create the life of your dreams
To create the future you have been dreaming of and an income which exceeds your dreams, sign up for Working With the Law, available for $1495 (Euro equivalent available).

“When you learn and apply the Laws of the Universe effectively – everything in your life will change.” – Bob Proctor

Working with Bob Proctor has changed my life. If you want to find out more about me – Darren (coach and mentor), the Proctor Gallagher Institute or Working With the Law, get in touch or visit my website Become & Inspire.

Through my work as a Proctor Gallagher consultant, I have committed to support the amazing work of Ireland’s Children’s Hospice LauraLynn. With every registration to the Working With the Law, we will help make more moments that matter for children and parents in Ireland. Thank you.

Stop fighting for your success, learn the secrets which will bring success flowing to you

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