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Business Communications Programme- Online Delivery Available

At Talentpool we recognise that developing communication skills is an ongoing process for you, your business and your employees.  Over the years due to demand Talentpool has provided businesses and organisations communication skills programmes that ensure excellence at every level of your business or organisation.  We can provide you with face to face communications, written communications and online communications at the highest level due to the wealth of expertise that our trainers possess.

Our programme is made up of eight options.  You may choose all options or select individual options.

Once you have selected the option/options  of your choice we will tailor this segment to suite your businesses or organisations unique requirements.


As part of all of our communication programmes we will assist you in creating a form of words, vocabulary and sentences that you will be able to use immediately.

Business Communication Programme Options

Option 1 – Exploring  your customer service experience – 1 day

This one day programme will assist you with analysing your existing customer service experience, identify areas for improvement and work out an agreed customer service charter that reflects your company or organisation voice.  We will work through areas of your customer service that you find challenging and work through solutions that are practical and achievable for your team.

Option 2 – Developing professional business writing skills – 1 day

This one day professional business writing skills programme provides you with a solid foundation for professional internal and external communications.  Common mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation etc are covered.  You will develop  professional writing skills for letter writing, emails, complaint responses, procurement, sales and much more.  We will use examples that are relevant and timely for you.  This programme is written by successful leaders and managers and will assist you in projecting an image of professionalism for both you and your organisation.

Option 3 – Communicating as a leader – 1 day

In this programme you will learn how to negotiate successfully, deliver team meetings, address large groups and give presentations that are engaging and impactful.  We will help you develop your inner self confidence so that you can start to exude the calm confidence of prominent leaders and speakers.

Option 4 – Creating online content for your brand – 1 day

Creating online content for your brand is delivered by a website and marketing expert.  It is a programme that will assist you with the creativity process and looks at ways to improved your existing content, how to write impactful blogs and the use of images in unifying your brand.  This programme also shows you how to audit your website in terms of effectiveness and analytics.

Option 5 – Writing with impact for marketing – 1 day

The aim of this one day programme is to teach participants to write for marketing, sales, advertising and PR purposes in a correct but persuasive way so as to make their product or service stand out

Option 6 – Dealing with difficulties through mediation – 2 days

Day 1 -Understanding Conflict and forms of resolution

  • Values and ethics underpinning mediation
  • Psychology and behaviours resulting in conflict
  • Mediation and law in a range of contexts
  • Mediation frameworks
  • Forms of dispute resolution
  • Skills in mediation and conflict management
  • Effects of compassion fatigue in mediation and conflict management
  • Getting the setting right for mediation and resolutions

Day 2 Mediating a Resolution

  • Building rapport in a resolution or mediation setting
  • Communication techniques in a mediation setting
  • Personal style and effects of own beliefs
  • Documenting the process of resolution and conflict management
  • Applying theory in developing effective resolution practice

Option 7 – An Introduction to Data Protection – 1 day

As part of business communications your business or organisation will at times be dealing with personnel data.  This one day programme introduces you to the principles of the General Data Protection Legislation and practical ways that you and your organisation can remain compliant.

Option 8 – An Introduction to Cyber Security – 1 day

Cybersecurity refers to a set of techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. The use of cyber security can help prevent cyber attacks, data breaches, and identity theft and can aid in risk management. This one day programme will introduce you and your organisation practical ways that you can secure your data, networks from attack, damage or unauthorized access.

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Course Duration1 day to 9 days
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