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Multiple Sources of Income Connect


MSI Connect fills an enormous need, and it provides a place for positive, successful individuals, businesses and brands to be able to connect. You can generate lasting wealth through Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) as well as create meaningful and productive networking and masterminding opportunities.

You will be facilitated by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher who are continually connecting to some of the most success-oriented individuals in the world. They set up affiliates, joint ventures and relationships regularly. Members of MSI Connect can connect with people who are on the same or higher frequency of thought every day. Being exposed to high-vibration individuals with unique and compelling ideas can level up your energy and continually open your mind to more accessible and faster ways to build your business and brand and to reach your goals.

It also gives you the unique ability to generate MSI, build your brand and gain visibility in front of people in the PGI network who are actively growing, stretching and thinking big just like you. A network with very warm, pre-qualified, leads for you and your business!

Plus, you’ll have a searchable business page with an overview of your business. The ability to host events and webinars and notify up to 25 other members directly of the event. And you’ll have access to a list of nearly all the businesses fueled by PGI teachings – with the ability to provide offers of value to those businesses.

Join MSI Connect where the Law of Cause and Effect rules—members willingly give and graciously receive.

Product Features

Membership in MSI Connect is designed to help you launch and grow your ideas through the leverage of the PGI network. There’s a whole world of people in this wonderful network eager to help each other, to do business with one another and to rise to new heights together.

Your membership gives you the ability to take ideas to the next level by allowing you to:

  • Create, source and share MSI’s with forward-thinking, high vibration entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Access teachings exclusive to MSI Connect.
  • Stay “in the know” through Member and Business Spotlights, and Insights from Bob & Sandy.
  • Make announcements to the network and view others’ posts on the activity feed.
  • Receive exclusive access to offers from PGI and other members.
  • Find events to attend that are held by PGI or other members.
  • View businesses & service offerings of other members.
  • See and apply for opportunities created by other members.
  • Discuss and engage with other members on topics and ideas in the forums.
  • Create a page for your own business that is visible to other PGI followers.
  • Access the PGI Media centre, which houses recordings from events, along with other great content only found in MSI Connect.
  • Search and connect with other members from all over the world.
  • Create ventures and raise funds, or find businesses powered by PGI teachings to invest in.
  • Utilise the entire PGI network to succeed in your business(es) and venture(s).



Training ProviderProctor Gallagher Institute
Course LocationCarlow
Course CategoryBusiness Income Training, Finance
Course TypeOnline Learning
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Course Provider

Proctor Gallagher Institute

Ireland (Online Programme), Dublin, Republic of Ireland

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