How do I search for courses on

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There are two main ways to find courses on

1. You can search for courses via the search bar.

This allows you to filter training programmes using several inputs: Course Title, Keywords / Region / Course Category / Qualification type.

When you’ve chosen the criteria that you’re happy with, click the orange “Search Courses” button on the right side of the screen.

2. You can browse courses based on topics, awarding body or location.

When you are on the main page, click the “Find Courses” button on the top menu just underneath the logo.

This opens up a sub-menu with the option to “Search by Category”, “Search by Location”, or “Search by Awarding Body”.

Clicking on “Search by Category” or “Search by Awarding Body” allows you to browse the courses in alphabetical order.

While selecting “Search by Location” allows you to peruse the courses county by county, or via postcode if you’re based in Dublin.


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