How do I add a logo?

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To add a logo, go to and log in via the provider portal.

Once you are in the course provider dashboard, you can either click on the ‘Edit College Details’ button on the left-hand side or the ‘College Details’ tab towards the top of the page.

Underneath the ‘Organisation Type’ drop-down menu, you’ll see the ‘Files’ subheading. There you click the ‘browse’ button which you’ll find in the section titled ‘Profile Picture’.

A pop-up window will appear that will give you the option to browse your computer’s files for your logo. When you find the image you’re happy with, select it, then click the ‘Open’ button.

Note your logo needs to be saved on your computer in one of the following image formats: .gif, .jpg or .png. It does not matter about the size. It will be resized correctly when you upload it.


I have forgotten my provider password.
How do I edit a logo?